chapter one

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My best friend is getting married ! 

I wept in bliss as soon as she told me this wonderful news. I have been waiting for this day to come up for years. I was so afraid that Elijah would never find something because of her pettiness but I was wrong. She found someone ! Jack is perfect for her. Good-looking lawyer, charming and able to withstand her. I still can't believe that those two lovebirds will be married in less than two weeks. I can't be any happier to know that my best friend is in the arms of a handsome man with good manners.

For the bachelorette party, the maids of honor must organize this special event. I had a long discussion with Elijah's maids and we all agreed to book four nights in a villa with a gorgeous swimming pool. Our flight is tomorrow and I'm so excited to spend some quality time with the girls. I know all of them and they are fun to hang out with.

Starting with Jisoo, her bright personality is her biggest charm. We met when I was in my previous modeling agency. She was in charge of assisting me during my shootings and we became friends after we drank at a bar

The second maid of honor is the little sister of Elijah, and her name is none other than Lisa. She only has a year and a half of difference with me but she's the youngest in the squad. With Jisoo, they are a terrible duo because they love teasing everyone and being loud as hell.

We get along pretty well. Once in a while, we go to a coffee shop and talk about anything and everything.

The next maid of honor is Chaeyoung, a sweet girl with a gold heart Unlike Jisoo or Lisa, this girl is an introvert but when she is finally comfortable around someone, she's fun to hang out with.

Then, there is Irene, the oldest of all. She is smart and with no doubt, the most mature one. She is my confidant because she was there when I had hard times.

"This wedding is stressing me out ! I can't find the perfect place and that freaking florist didn't call me for the bouquet," Elijah groans as she lets herself fall into a big sofa.

She has huge under eyes bags and her long brown hair is a total mess. It's not risky to say that she is exhausted after these past few days. I bite my lips and walk towards her give her a warm cup of tea.

"It's all going to be okay, hon. Jack is here for you and that day would be the most exciting and amazing day you will ever live in your life," I reassure her and she smiles back at me

"You're the best, gimme a hug," she says and we wrap ourselves into a tight hug.

Elijah closes her eyes and sighs in relief.

"I'm going to miss you," she tells me after the hug ended. "When are you leaving ?"

"The day after your wedding."

I can see a bit of disappointment in her eyes and it sadnesses me even more. I don't want her to be sad when I would be away in Las Vegas. I want to be by her side as long as I can but my manager already booked the flight and the shooting.

"Lisa's too ?" she continues, hoping that the answer would be no.

I pinch my lips and look away. The reunion I had last week was pretty clear. Everyone has the same flight and Lisa is not an exception.

"Certainly..." I shrug and take a seat next to her.

"I know you're just one year older than her which doesn't make a huge difference but can you look out for her ? She's still a baby to me. A big baby but still a baby," Elijah says with a tiny pout forming on her plump lips.

She has always been protective over her since forever. Lisa is the youngest in their family so everyone looks out for her if she stumbled on the ground.

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