chapter twelve

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With one last glare for Chaeyoung, I take off my shoes and get rid of my shorts. It's not the first time I've changed in front of them, but I can't help it but blush. Chaeyoung keeps on looking at me while Lisa looks at everything but me. She seems as embarrassed as I am, and it shows. She doesn't want to look at me so her eyes are searching for something else and she finally finds the black curtain of the cabin to entertain herself.

For the past few minutes, she's looking at it as it's the most fascinating thing she has seen in her life.

I'm wasting no time to change and lift my t-shirt revealing my black bra underneath it.

"I wish I had your body," Chaeyoung says thinking out loud, her eyes are roaming my whole body with admiration.

She really has no shame in checking me out but her gaze is pure ingenuous – no lust. I am not upset because I know there's no way she has dirty thoughts about me. She's too innocent to think that way.

I smile at her compliment, but my heart misses a leap when I see Lisa looking at me over Chaeyoung's shoulder. She bites her lip before clenching her jaw.

"When do you find time to have those abs? 'Cause damn I want that on me," adds the Australian girl, not aware of the tension here.

"I have a personal coach. Trust me, it won't be fun," I chuckle and take the dress causing her to smile at me.

Last year, my manager hired a personal nutritionist and a coach to monitor my health. They are quite nice but they can be really tough during my exercises because I don't have a lot of stamina. I am exhausted after dancing for two minutes straight so they are a little desperate about me.

"Isn't she too cocky?" Chaeyoung says before turning around but Lisa is not there to answer. She frowns and looks at me, "Where's she ?"

I shrug to show her that I have no idea. She pushes the curtain to the side and we look at Lisa who's sitting in a chair. She lifts her head from her phone and smiles lightly.

"I wanted to sit and... wait outside," she says timidly.

She knows that I am no longer comfortable undressing in front of her since the coming out. We didn't talk about this topic but I am pretty sure that she knows what I feel about her. I am no longer able to see her as someone whom I could hug without thinking she could have developed romantic feelings towards me. A same-sex couple means that they have the same logic as a straight couple. Just like a man, she can love me as a lover. I never imagine myself in a relationship with a girl and will never.

I had always issues with men when it comes to friendship. The guy or the chick ends up falling in love. A friendship between girls or boys is platonic. We don't have to worry that the other will fall for the other because it won't happen.

I can compliment Irene for her natural beauty for hours and she won't see it as an attempt to hook up. That's purely platonic and I would like to keep it that way.

"You're so weird. Anyway, what do you think? She's gorgeous, right?" smiles Chaeyoung and points at me.

The dress is not as short as I thought it will be. I was actually impressed with how gentle the red silk felt on my skin. A black lace under the curves of my breast contrast with the scarlet color of the skin and gives off an aphrodisiac look. And finally, the flower patterns all over the dress strengthen the idea of feminity.

"She's always gorgeous," retorts Lisa with a calm voice. 

Chaeyoung nods her head to agree while the flush on my cheeks is making a comeback. I shouldn't be nervous around her. We know each other for than a decade and she likes to compliment me about anything – my outfits, my hairstyles, my makeup.

I pinch my lips and look away.

"Oh shit, Jennie are you okay?" Chaeyoung asks me causing me to frown.

"Yeah, I'm fine... W-Why?"

"You are really red. Are you having an allergy reaction or something?" she touches my left cheek and her cold fingertips makes me flinch. "You're burning up."

It's not a fever, I'm just blushing like a stupid teenage girl. The girls force me to take pharmaceuticals in a small pharmacy near the mall.

I didn't have the courage to tell them I was not sick or in life danger as Elijah says. They would tease until the end of my life if they find out that I blush for a dumb reason so I decided to stay silent and swallowed some untasteful pills.

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