chapter fourty-four

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Jack's family are the nicest people I have ever met in my life. They didn't hesitate to be warm-hearted towards me and treat me like a normal person. It feels great to be around people who won't judge every step that I take or every food that I eat.

It's long past midnight and the two girls hanging in the tree haven't come down yet. I'm wondering why they are taking so long. I know they are close and they haven't seen each other for a while, but I'm starting to be worried.

What if they are stuck in there?

Since Chaeyoung is involved, there's a high possibility they either have a deep conversation about life in general or they eat chicken wings and beers. Perhaps, they are doing both, I'll probably never know.

"Are you okay? You seem a little bit off," Jack's grandma asks me.

I give her a small smile and shake my head.

"I'm just thinking about someone," I tell her and it causes her to juggle her eyebrows.

We've known each other for less than five hours, but she feels already comfortable with me to tease me.

"What is he like?"

I pinch my lips and look at her before putting a small smile on my face.

"She is the most breathtaking woman I've ever laid my eyes on."

It doesn't take her much time to process the information that I'm not interested in a man. She falls her mouth open and stares at me, guilt all over her face. I'm not offended by the fact that she thought I was heterosexual because I dated boys and liked them in the past. I just think that there's so much more in a person regardless of their gender that's why I don't stick to one gender.

"I'm sorry," she apologizes causing me to shake my head. "Hum..., what is she like?" she quickly corrects herself.

Thinking about Jennie makes me smile. I turn my head towards the chimney as I feel my cheeks turn into a crimson.

"She's... I don't have enough words to tell you how beautiful she is," I say and picture Jennie in my mind. "She has this old habit of crunching her nose when she's laughing and that's the most adorable thing in the world. When she is sad, she always has this bright smile on her face because she doesn't want to let anyone see her pain. It's not impressive, but I find it endearing. Her mind is like an ocean of thoughts that I'd love to be drowned in it. There's no single day where I find her boring. Every time I look at her, my heart beats madly. She makes me feel like I'm special and I just want her to be always happy in return."

There's a beat of silence until Jack's grandma breaks it.

"You should go see her now and repeat those same words."

I bite back a laugh and shoots her an amused smile. She seems serious and it makes me frown at her.

"Oh, you were serious."

"Of course I am, my dear. Life's too short to hold back. Be brave and show her your worth."

"But she still sees me as her best friend's little sister. We can't be together," I tell her.

She holds my hands while warm tears roll on my cheeks, "I was in love with my best friend for three years and I always thought we would never be together. He always treated like his little sister until I went to Korea for work. He looked for me and that was how our relationship started."

"She's not gonna do the same for me," I say and a sigh I didn't know I was holding this whole time escapes my mouth.

She tightens her grip and stares at me before saying in a cool tone.

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