chapter six

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I will never tell my parents that Elijah's little sister, the girl that they adore, has made the worst sin that they could ever imagine. My father is a priest with fiery temperament when it comes to the same sex-couple while my mother is a conservative Christian.

They will ruin Lisa's life and I'm afraid my father won't spare her face. This is why I will keep her secret.

I still care about her but I can't pretend to be supporting this. That goes against my principles. My father will never forgive me for being passive. He's not someone who thinks that a simple talk will resolve everything. He will beat her up until she will change her mind.

I don't want to hurt her.

She remains the girl who gave me honey pot every time she saw me cry. That little girl with a thick bang grew up but those memories are still rooted in my head.

I stare at her figure from afar, thinking about how she could be a part of a toxic community. They don't deserve her. She deserves a prince charming that will treat her right. I sigh while she laughs at Jisoo's jokes and before someone catches me looking at her, I put my sunglasses on.

"You want some sunscreens ?" Chaeyoung asks me with a bottle in her hand.

I nod my head and grab the sun cream before putting on my bare legs. Since I stay up late, it was not a wise idea to go to the beach at nine in the morning. I should have made up an excuse to stay in my bed but the beach chair I'm laying on will be perfect for a nap. Chaeyoung runs to the girls who are playing prisoner ball in the water and I close my eyes.

After a few minutes, I can hear the loud sound of someone breathing next to me. I frown and take away my sunglasses before looking at a tall man. I gasp a little when I meet the green eyes of my ex.

What is he doing here?

"Jaden ?" He smiles at me and sits at the empty chair next to me.

"So good to see you," he says to me, checking me out.

I blush when I had realized under his intense gaze that I'm in a bikini. I feel so exposed right now and his presence makes it even worse. I scratch my throat and grab a towel to cover my body. He looks disappointed but keeps a devilish grin on his perfect lips.

"Why are you here ?"

"Elijah told me that you will be in Santa Monica before you dumped me," he responds.

I can tell that he didn't take well when I ended our relationship but I had my reasons. Everything between us was starting to be toxic. We are too different and most of all, we want different things.

"How did you find me ?"

"I have your localization on my phone."

"Do you realize that you sound like a stalker right now ?"

I shiver intensely when he puts his hand on my thigh with a slight glint in his eyes. I stare wide eyes towards him, surprised at his bold move. He presses his hold on me before looking at me as the time seems to stop.

"I love you. I shouldn't have kissed her but I realized that I was a complete jerk to you. I will do anything to win you back, Jennie. I love you so much it hurts that you are far from me because I want to spend my life with," he confesses to me.

His sweet scent of lavender lingers in the air and reminds me of how much it used to drive me crazy. There was a time, we were so in love that he got my name tattooed but one night had ruined everything we built together. He slept with a stripper who shared their sex-tape online to be famous. The night after, I cried on Lisa's shoulder. I won't let him break my heart once again.

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