chapter eleven

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For our third day in Santa Monica, we decided to go shopping at the city mall. I need a dress for the wedding and I don't have much time left. I still can't believe that it's coming soon. My best friend will finally tie the knot with her long time boyfriend and it will be the first that I will be a bridesmaid.

They are going to be the coolest parents when their first child will be born.

I never doubt on their relationship because Jack has always been a good friend of mine before they dated. He showed me at various times that he's worth marrying her.

"Shit," I whisper to myself after I got a wake-up call from Irene.

I spent my whole morning in my bed and I enjoyed every second. The late conversation I had with my mother completely drained my energy. During my procrastination, the girls went for a walk in the city. I woke up a few minutes ago because Irene called me. She kept screaming on the phone and I had no choice but to get up quickly and leave the house in my pajamas.

I was so sleepy that I forgot to take a jacket to cover myself and it was a dumb mistake. As soon as I realized that I was not ready to go outside, the taxi had already finished its journey. With no makeup up and no jacket, I went to the meeting point, I found them happily chatting around a table.

Still freezing, I rub my bare arms with the palm of my hands to warm me up. It's the last time I will leave my house wearing pajamas, which are basically a simple t-shirt and mini shorts.

When I entered the mall, I received some creepy faces from strangers. They smiled at me as if I was some kind of meat. I feel like I'm naked under their perverted gazes and it frustrates me terribly. My pink t-shirt is comfy to sleep with but is extremely tight.I feel embarrassed and stupid. If a paparazzi sees me with this outfit in the whole middle of spring, I bet that cybernauts will make fun of me for being careless.

Blushing hard, I walk over to the girls – ignoring the curious looks of the people around me.

"There you are! Who are you trying to seduce, Nini? Haven't you seen how cold it is today? Where's your coat?" Irene asks me with a smile.

"I forgot it because a certain person had threatened to kill me in my sleep if I didn't hurry."

I take a seat next to Jisoo who looks at me with amusement. Still feeling some intriguing looks on me, I cross my arms to hide my chest and pinch my lips once more.

"You missed something cool, lazy ass. Someone grabbed Elijah's butt and Lisa started being a total badass," Jisoo informs me with sparkling eyes.

"He deserved it," Lisa adds coldly before drinking her coffee.

I look at her with wide eyes, but her attention is still on her caffeinated drink. I know Lisa is not someone you can mess up with. The first time I knew that she could be very protective was when she fought with a boy who had kissed me without my consent in college. She found herself with several bruises on her body, but she was happy to have smashed his face too. Chaeyoung once told me that when her first boyfriend cheated on her, Lisa threatened him until he apologized for one hour.

Even though she has shown me dozens of times that she is not weak, I keep picturing her as the little girl who needs to be protected at all costs.

"It was so satisfying. His face was epic when you grabbed his collar," smiles Chaeyoung and pats Lisa's arm to get her attention.

"Did he hit you?" I ask.

Lisa takes her eyes off her drink to look at me. Her jaw clenches and she looks away quickly as if she could die looking at me for a second longer.

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