chapter four

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I was up, on-and-off, all night because all my thoughts differed on Lisa and her strange attraction to women. She is like a moon, part of her is hidden and I have the impression that it will remain a mystery. I have tried to understand her, but I find myself with tons of unresolved questions in my head.

It's with a dark look on my face that I get up from my bed for the morning flight. The girls and I have prepared everything for Elijah's bachelorette party. Nothing is left to chance for her to spend the best four nights of her life. We booked a villa near the blue of Santa Monica, in the United States. It cost me a fortune, but I don't care about money when it comes to my best friend's happiness. She's always been there for me so this trip is a way to thank her.

"Hi bitch, you look tired as shit!" Cole says to me as I enter his car.

For a second, I was hoping he would grow up to a mature man but he's still the same annoying ass brother of Jisoo. I roll my eyes and look at the road to indicate him to start the engine. There was a time, I thought he was cute but it changed when I found out that he's a bit dumb. We got along well, even if I have rejected multiple times his advances. He is a good guy but I don't want to date someone with the brain of a child.

"Can we stop by to buy coffee? I didn't... really sleep last night," I sigh causing him to lift one of his eyebrows and grin.

Gosh, every time I'm talking to him, he's always thinking about sex. It's been a while since we had a serious talk and I'm starting to miss that.

"It's not what you think, perv." I cross my arms as he chuckles in amusement.

"Still single?"

"Still trying to get into my pants?"

"Who wouldn't? You're hot as hell, my biggest dream is to hit that."

My suitors are always men with straightforward tactics to seduce me. It works once. Now, it has no effect on me. They seem to be all the same. No one is different from the other. They all want to date me or sleep with me so they can brag about it to their friends.

"Turn on the left," I declare ignoring his bluntness.

As our driver, Cole needs to pick up everyone so we can go together to the airport. He parks his car near a house and after a message send, Chaeyoung runs toward us with a suitcase trailing behind her. Then, we pick up Jisoo and Irene. Those two weren't as reactive as Chaeyoung so we waited a little longer in the car. Cole's car is a comfy monospace so we have enough space to rest our feet without touching our bagages. It was a challenge to convince him to be our driver because Cole always wants something in exchange. Jisoo blackmailed him and here we are, in his expensive car.

"Geez girl, stop stressing. We are on our way," Jisoo rolls her eyes while she's talking to Elijah on the phone.

We have to be at the airport in less than two hours so we can register for our baggage. Unfortunately, we are a little bit late because Jisoo was looking for her sunglasses and she wouldn't leave until she finds them. After twenty minutes of intense research in her apartment, we found the pair and now we are driving to Lisa and Elijah's home.

"Faster, faster! If we miss our flights, it's going to be your fault !" Chaeyoung complains to Cole who rolls his eyes.

I'm going to face Lisa. I feel something aching in my heart as sudden panic claws at me. I clench my jaw and my hands clutched my chest into a firm grip. This feeling is painful and overwhelming. I need to breathe. It's getting harder and harder to insufflate some air into my lungs. I struggle for a couple of seconds before inhaling deeply.


I slept like a baby throughout the flight. Irene's shoulder is the best human pillow I can get. She let me sleep and I'm pretty sure Jisoo or Elijah wouldn't do the same if they were her. They can be devilish most of the time. Irene and Chaeyoung are the angels beside them.

"You didn't sleep well, don't you?" Irene asks me with a small smile to start a conversation.

We didn't talk much when we were on the plan because most of the time, I was dreaming of an alternative universe where someone was chasing me. It's not a lovely dream but at least, I'm full of energy now.

"Insomnia," I say forcing a smile.

It's been a while since I slept well. Insomnia is always creeping on me like an old chewing-gum that won't leave. Being tired has become a habit for me. Work is more important than anything else in the world because it keeps me alive. People think that modeling is not a real job but it requires a lot of strengths. I have been modeling for the past few years and standing still for ten hours is a part of my job. Don't get me wrong; I love modeling but I had to admit that it has a few inconveniences.

"Don't work too much on yourself. It's not good for your health," Jisoo says to me and surrounds her arm around my shoulders.

I put a quick kiss on her cheeks before walking to the kitchen. Elijah is cooking some delicious pasta while Chaeyoung is eating chips. I swear this girl has always food on her wherever she goes.

"Where did you get the pasta ?" I ask, a little curious.

We just arrived in the villa and I don't think she put a pack of food in her luggage. Elijah smiles at me and continues to cut onions.

"The host told me there were some left in the cupboards from the previous visitors," she says.

I nod my hand and open a closet. I'm surprised to see a bunch of treats such as cookies, chips and chocolate bars. Chaeyoung must be in heaven for the whole stay. She doesn't much to be happy. There was a time, I gave her fifty chocolate bars from her favorite brand and she cried in happiness right after.

"It smells so good," I sigh in relief and sit next to Chaeyoung.

She puts a chip in my mouth and I ate it without hesitation.

"This house is gorgeous !" Jisoo shouts in excitement. "Can we move here ?"

It's been exactly forty minutes since we moved here and it's already feeling like home. I love those girls. Each of them is so fun to hang out, unlike the ones I encounter at work who are haughty and boring. I wish this trip will last longer.

"We are going to end up killing each other," Elijah says and chuckles.

"You're no fun !" Jisoo frowns and crosses her arms.

I giggle while Chaeyoung is ignoring them. She is too absorbed in the fruit basket on the counter of the bar to pay attention to us. My smile disappears as soon as Lisa walks in. I didn't mean to change my humor but seeing her is now strange to me. She puts her hands on Jisoo's shoulders to scare her and it worked.

"You bitch!" the brown hair girl shouts before chasing Lisa in the whole house.

The silence is now filled with Lisa's laughter and the deafening footsteps of Jisoo. Even if they have an age gap of two years, they seem to have the same maturity and mindset.

We call them the happy viruses of the band because they are loud and love to set the mood.

"Chaeng sweetie can you keep an eye on the pastas? I need to speak to Jennie for one minute," Elijah says before giving me a disapproving look.

I frown at her hostility while Chaeyoung nods and walks toward the cooker. I know that look. She saw how I reacted when Lisa entered the kitchen. I sigh and quit the room causing her to follow me.

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