chapter thirty

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To the one who gave me 10 dollars on utip for supporting this story :

To the one who gave me 10 dollars on utip for supporting this story :

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This chapter is for u ❤️


All of my life I've been pretending that everything was fine and no one tried to see right through me. When I started to feel confident about my bisexuality, I felt like I became someone better and happier but my parents didn't approve at all.

My twenty years was a turning point in my life because that was the year I told my mother that I was different. She cried and slapped my face after my confession. I was hoping she would have a whole different reaction because she was always nice and understanding to me.

The slap was painful but her words were even more painful.

She told me that I was sick and disgusting. I can hear Jennie saying the same sentence in my head... I guess those words won't leave me alone. After my dad learned about it, he spat on me and threatened me to beat me up.

That was how I got kicked out of my parents' house.

I wish I could forget that year but it made me realize that my parents didn't love me to the fullest. Looking back at it, I feel like it was the right decision. I should not be ashamed of being myself. Never. One day I will find someone who understands me and will love me for who I am. I can't wait for that day to come. From high school to college, I used to pray that person would be Jennie. She was always so perfect, kind, charming, and funny. It was too easy for me to fall in love with her mind each month.

How foolish I was to think that this girl will choose me over a thousand suitors.

Since day one, I never had the chance. I can be her best friend but lover is not even a possibility.

Jennie is way out of my league.

Maybe that's why I was so desperate to be with her because I knew deep down, that I will never have her. Gosh, I was so hopeless back then. I really need to find someone. Somi is too jealous of Jennie. She thinks I can't move on from my crush on my sister's best friend because I watch her interviews. What's wrong with that? Most of the time, her interviews are entertaining and perfect to watch when I'm bored.

I told her that she should not worry about Jennie but she didn't listen to me. We started to argue about anything until she grabbed a knife and threatened to hurt me if I don't stay away from my friends, especially from Jennie. When I called Elijah, I did not expect to see Jennie but I should have.

They are best friends and Elijah loves to invite Jennie for diner. Back then, it was hard for me when my sister tried to find a boyfriend for Jennie. I pretended to be enthusiastic and it worked. All of her past boyfriends found me cool as I was silently hoping a truck would run over them.

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