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HOMOPHOBIC (JENLISA)  by TheDarkKnight026
Lisa never knew that a straight girl like her will be able to turn gay and fell inlove with the same gender. But the thing is, she fell inlove with Jennie Kim. A huge ha...
Apartment 34 // Jenlisa by lalala_chelinda
Apartment 34 // Jenlisaby lalala_chelinda
"May I ask what you're doing in my kitchen?" or Jennie accidentally breaks into Lisa's apartment.
Her by paninipota
Herby paninipota
[COMPLETE] Lisa Manoban hates Jennie Kim. Jennie Kim hates Lisa Manoban. An unfortunate event called Rosé force them to be on the same room at night. What could possibly...
In love with my member | jenlisa | by whatsup0327
In love with my member | jenlisa |by Wolfie
| A quick/short Jenlisa story | Lisa and Jennie love each other but are too oblivious to know. so this is a compilation of moments between them till they finally find ou...
Never Be Ready by 24365_Jenlisa
Never Be Readyby 𝕵℮𝔫𝖑𝖎ຮ𝛂
[Completed] ✅ What will Jennie and Lisa decision be when Jennie gets pregnant? Could a kid destroy their happiness? [Mini book] I know that there's already many version...
Keep Me Out Of Control // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Keep Me Out Of Control // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU] Jennie Kim is the most popular girl at West Wood High. She has the hottest boyfriend, the coolest friends, and her style is to die for. Almost e...
A Blast From The Past ✔️ by lovely2431
A Blast From The Past ✔️by Lovely2431
Lisa was completely head over heels for Jennie Kim. Unfortunately, Jennie never noticed her through out high school. Or, so she thought. Lisa thought she would forget a...
Roommates // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Roommates // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[ COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU ] Lisa Manoban moves in with 3 college girls. In addition to her stress with adjusting to living in the city, a new job, and an annoying uncle wh...
The Angel Next Door (Rosé X Female Reader) by CrescentAthena
The Angel Next Door (Rosé X Moonlight
Y/N, a messy and irresponsible person who lacks basic cooking and self-care skills, unexpectedly comes to the aid of her next-door neighbor, Rosé. One rainy day, as Y/N...
The Siren's Light ✔️ by lovely2431
The Siren's Light ✔️by Lovely2431
I was sinking, the darkness was slowly surrounding me. The depth of the sea was pulling me lower and lower from the surface until I could no longer see the moonlight tha...
in every universe (one shot-s) | JENLISA  by soulmatezs
in every universe (one shot-s) | nna <3
Brunch of JENLISA one shots (adaptations). ©️ credits to all the authors.
MY BODYGUARD /JENLISA by niniandchanel
A rich spoilt princess and her bodyguard (Jennie is the bodyguard in this but both are kind of top in this story) ©naruuu21 i think
Reality ✔️ by lovely2431
Reality ✔️by Lovely2431
Life for Lisa became difficult after realizing her true feelings for her best friend, Jennie. This is my first story I have ever written! Please enjoy!
Letters | JENLISA by jeron55
Letters | JENLISAby HeyImJeron
Jennie Kim was the exact definition of a wallflower. She lived on the sidelines, didn't like attention, and worried too much. She wrote letters to herself as her way to...
this daydream is dangerous | JENLISA by soulmatezs
this daydream is dangerous | nna <3
After an amicable divorce, Jennie Jane acquires the ownership rights to the Ruby Avalanche, a struggling NWSL team in serious need of an overhaul. Enter Lisa Manoban, an...
On Call | JENLISA by soulmatezs
On Call | JENLISAby nna <3
In the heart of Alaska, Lisa Manoban, an accident-prone firefighter, and Jennie Kim, a dedicated ER doctor who's new to town, routinely cross paths. Will they both be br...
You Changed by Bp_lini
You Changedby avocadoo
A nerd who fell inlove with her best friend. let's see what happens when she got to know that her bestfriend got a boyfriend. Ships: Jenlisa and Chaesoo Warning : Many...
You Who Holds My Heart ✔️ by lovely2431
You Who Holds My Heart ✔️by Lovely2431
It was hate at first sight. An 8 part story!! Bridgerton inspired
jenlisa one shots & short stories by sunflower_pinks
jenlisa one shots & short storiesby eh
adaptation stories, one-shots © credits to all the owners Impressive Rankings 🏅 # 3 - jenlisafanfiction
How We Met (Jenlisa) by TheDarkKnight026
How We Met (Jenlisa)by 𝕽𝕽
Two strangers. Two broken hearts. Will destiny let them meet? Are they meant to last forever? Or will they be just a chapter from each other's book? Based on a true stor...