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Reality ✔️ by lovely2431
Reality ✔️by Lovely2431
Life for Lisa became difficult after realizing her true feelings for her best friend, Jennie. This is my first story I have ever written! Please enjoy!
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A Blast From The Past ✔️ by lovely2431
A Blast From The Past ✔️by Lovely2431
Lisa was completely head over heels for Jennie Kim. Unfortunately, Jennie never noticed her through out high school. Or, so she thought. Lisa thought she would forget a...
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How We Met (Jenlisa) by TheDarkKnight027
How We Met (Jenlisa)by Batman
Two strangers. Two broken hearts. Will destiny let them meet? Are they meant to last forever? Or will they be just a chapter from each other's book? Based on a true stor...
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Too late to say I love you - JENLISA by My_Mysterious_Author
Too late to say I love you - My mysterious author
Don't wait until the day she leaves you... Inspired by a song. gxg
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Jenlisa - When You Realize You Love Her (COMPLETED) by ariokacchan
Jenlisa - When You Realize You Ariokacchan
Lisa is used to get bullied during her junior high school time and once is saved by her senior. Lisa decides to go to the same high school just to meet with her senior a...
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Rhythm | Jenlisa (Completed) by Chuchu88
Rhythm | Jenlisa (Completed)by Chuchu88
A romance about seeking the best rhythm between two very different people and finding happiness where they least expect it. Jenlisa Adaptation I do not own anything. Cre...
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Magnets ✔️ by lovely2431
Magnets ✔️by Lovely2431
Enjoy this compilation book full of Jenlisa one shots!! 💓💓💓💓
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HER | jenlisa by paninipota
HER | jenlisaby paninipota
[COMPLETED] Park Chaeyoung has an idea which is to lock up two enemies in a room at night. What could possibly go wrong ?
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the harder the heart (the harder it breaks) // JENLISA by deathbyjenlisa
the harder the heart (the harder nadine loves bp
JENLISA COLLEGE AU where Jennie has a long, ongoing feud with Lisa's sister and Lisa, well Lisa is supposed to hate Jennie. Except that she doesn't - but nobody needs to...
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Breaking Point ✔️ by lovely2431
Breaking Point ✔️by Lovely2431
"I'm so sick of this jenlisa ordeal! When will they realize that it'll never happen! The thought of that makes me so uncomfortable!" -Jennie "Honey, it's...
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Straight Circle | jenlisa by paninipota
Straight Circle | jenlisaby paninipota
Jennie has always treated Lisa Manoban as her best friend's little sister until... something happened.
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BLACK | JenLisa FF by seulgiibaechu
BLACK | JenLisa FFby a t i n y
A story in which the ice princess is the playgirl's next target.
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Tattooed by QueerAsFvck
Tattooedby Yow
Lisa had a throbbing headache and no recollection of the night before. She quickly realized that not only was her head hurting, so was her wrist. As she stared down at i...
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Jenlisa's Uncover by JennieandLisaisreal
Jenlisa's Uncoverby Jenlisa Is Real!
A little bit of black. A little bit of pink. A little bit of Jenlisa's reality with a little bit of fantasy. ...
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13 Letters (Jenlisa) by itsLiNi23
13 Letters (Jenlisa)by JenLiRoJi
(COMPLETED) [2nd Book to Publish] Lisa's letters for her loved one, Kim Jennie.
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Book 1 - AGENT M.   [completed] by GoJoieDeVivre
Book 1 - AGENT M. [completed]by Pran.
JenLisa nation check it out.
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Marry You?! ✔ [JenlisaFF] by JenlisaGurl
Marry You?! ✔ [JenlisaFF]by JenlisaGurl
Jennie Kim Works for the Kim Company and Lalisa Manoban at the Manoban Company. They are both CEO's Both are always very focused in the work. But when Jennie is with her...
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COMPROMISE (JENLISA) by lisalimario123
COMPROMISE (JENLISA)by lisalimario123
#Completed "From today, learn to compromise with her. You guys are gonna be with each other." Jennie eyed blankly at the tall girl in front of her, who was no...
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Only For One Day || Jenlisa by BPwriter
Only For One Day || Jenlisaby ᴄʀɪssɪᴇ
It was only supposed to be just for one day but little did they know that it only takes one day to fall in love. St: 10/07/18 Romance || Jenlisa || Comedy
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She's Real (JenLisa) by QueerAsFvck
She's Real (JenLisa)by Yow
"I know she's real Rosie I just do." "For the last time Jennie, you're sick. Ok? You're sick and Lisa's not real!" "Then why do I keep seeing he...
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