chapter thirty-three

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I cut the chapter in half because it was too long


I learned that Taehyung and Kai are classmates for five years in a row. On their very first day at the fine arts school, they happened to be next to each other in an amphitheater and that's when their friendship started. They are both students from Korea who share a burning passion for photography and the french culture. Knowing Taehyung's bubbly personality, it's quite easy for him to make friends.

"Did you progress in French?" Taehyung asks with sparkling eyes causing me to smile.

"Je peux parler couramment, mais j'ai beaucoup de mal avec la conjugaison des temps comme le plus-que-parfait et le participe passé. (trans: I can speak fluently, but I'm struggling with conjugation such as past perfect and past participle.) " I state while trying my best to articulate each word.

Kai lifts his eyebrow as he stares at me dumbfounded, "Wow, your french is good."

"That's because she learned from the best teacher," my former classmate adds with a proud smile and points at himself.

I roll my eyes even if it's true. He gave me a thousand of pictures from his notebook where he wrote everything I needed to learn French. How to compose a sentence, how to pronounce words, and other stuff like that. I have to admit that it helped me a lot.

"Google translation is a better teacher than you," I tease him and they all chuckle.

"Tu me brises le cœur (trans: you're breaking my heart)," he claims and puts his hand on his chest near his heart.

I finish the last drop of my beer and let out a deep sigh. I don't how many drinks I had, but it's way too much for my health. I stopped counting at my fifth drink. Jisoo and Kai didn't drink much because they are making sure that there is no accident on the way home.

"I better sign off now. I need to wake up early for work," Jisoo says with a small wince.

She doesn't want to leave so soon and neither do. We're having a great time talking to the boys who have a lot of fun anecdotes to tell.

"Stay with me," Taehyung takes my hand in his to prevent me from leaving.

I sigh and look at my friend who smiles at me, "Kai can drive you home, but promise me to send me a text when you'll get home."

"I will," I kiss her cheek causing her to roll her eyes.

She hates when I kiss her, but that doesn't stop me from doing it. She gives the two men a friendly high-five before leaving the bar.

"Your friend is so nice," Jennie's brother adds talking about Jisoo.

"She's the best."

I drink the rest of his glass of wine and it makes him laugh. I guess he's too drunk to be serious or scold me. It's been half an hour since he's laughing about pointless things.

"Someone's calling you," Kai comments pointing at Taehyung's phone.

He rolls his eyes and takes his smartphone in his hands, but it slides on the table. A loud chuckle escapes his lips while he's staring at the phone who's vibrating. I doubt he's going to answer the call, so I grab the phone and put it next to my ear without reading the name written on it.

"Hello? I'm sorry, Taehyung is too dumb to pick up his phone. Tell me what's the urgency."

My heart stops when I heard her sweet honey voice through the phone.

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