chapter nineteen

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I had hoped that I would be spending some quality time during this wedding. I was wrong. When my mother is around, she won't let me breathe even if it's for ten seconds. She's looking at men like a predator ready to attack. I was too naive to think that she will trust me in finding love by myself. She has developed this obsession with the fact of becoming grandmother since my brother Taehyung went to France to study photography. He is still studying there but my mother always asks him to come to see her once in a month.

"What about him?" she said to me.

I turn my head to see a young man talking to the groom. His suit tight makes him look thin and tall. Besides his smile, I don't find him interesting enough to be in a relationship. Since my break up with Jaden, I had been very picky when it comes to choosing my life partner. As a matter of fact, without even knowing, I'm a bit cold with those who want to court me. This behavior comes from the fear of disappointing my family, friends, and fans. I need to have high standards or else, my significant other will be left out.

"Not my type," I respond and take a sip of my drink.

My mother frowns at me with a disapproving look, "You and I never talk about this stuff. Sweetie, I am your mother. I need to know what is going on with your life."I roll my eyes and put the glass on the table.

"Mom, I'm happy alone. You can't force me to marry and have children," I sigh.

"Of course, I can," she jokingly states causing me to arch an eyebrow. "Okay, I'll let you choose. But he'll better be handsome, rich, kind and charming."

I chuckle while she kisses my forehead before heading to Elijah. Even though I am happy that Elijah ties the knot, I don't really like the wedding party. Everyone seems a little bit too drunk and there is a group of men who are loud and annoying. They're sitting at a table, laughing their ass off and judging every woman their gaze land on. I think they are from Jack's family because Elijah didn't invite her family, except Lisa and her parents. It was mostly friends and good acquaintances.

"You don't want to dance ?" Irene asks me and takes a seat beside me.

I take another sip of my drink and observe the people on the dancefloor. Chaeyoung and Jisoo are dancing and they're jumping in the rhythm.

I shrug and my eyes wander on the people dancing. "I'm not good at dancing."

A guy from the loud group slaps his friends and laughs hysterically right after. I roll my eyes and look at the dance floor. Before we ate, one of them wanted my number but I declined his offer. I don't want to be associate with these horny teenagers who think they can have anyone.

"We're not going to see each other often since you're going to Las Vegas tomorrow. I... I wanted to tell you something," she starts causing me to look at her.

We get up walk to a quieter place which is outside, under the moonlight. She sits on the bench and sje beckons me to do the same.

"It's about Lisa, is it ?" I ask her and she bites her lips.

I greet my teeth and turn my head to the surrounding. I feel like this conversation is going to be pretty awful for me.

"No. It's about me," she shakes her head.

I have a bad feeling about what she might say to me and there's always Lisa in each scenario. These past few months, Irene has been distant from all of us, except the blonde girl. It seems like they are dating for at least a month.

"You want to come out of the closet. Oh, I know. You were going to tell me that you've been dating Lisa for months," I said with a dry tone.

"No, it's n--"

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