chapter twenty

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I never liked Stephen O'Malley.

He is the purest cliché of the bad boy with a sharp jawline and curly brown hair. When I integrated the agency, during my first month here, he came to me saying he wanted to show me everything in the studio. In the beginning, I thought he was just being friendly to me until he told me he wanted to "fuck me rough" on the very first day.

That is not the right way to seduce me and I made him understand that. Even though I'm throwing tantrums at him, he is always bickering me and throwing me naughty words. Once Stephen O'Malley wants you, there's not a chance he will leave alone until you say yes. Unlike his past lovers, I won't give up. He's a jerk and I despise men like him.

I will keep rejecting him till my last breath and I'm not the type to break promises.

Stephen doesn't stand a chance to be with me so I told him, I like girls. I didn't precise the fact that I'm bisexual because it would lead him to something that won't happen.

He didn't take it too well.

"What the heck. Hold on, since when you like to fuck girls?"I roll my eyes and proceed to walk away but he grabs my wrist and forces me to look at him.

"Answer me!"

"Don't raise your voice on me, " I push away his hand on me. "I won't speak to you if you don't calm down."

He laughs at me and holds his stomach.

"You're funny Manoban. You can't be a lesbian. You're too pretty to be one," he says as if it's something obvious. "There's no way you can be attracted to butch bitches. They are boys with boobs! You can't fool me, baby doll."

I slap him causing him to widen his eyes. I greet my teeth when his smile grows bigger, "That's all you got? C'mon, hit me harder."

"You're fucking insane. Go mess with someone else."

"Why? You're so much fun. This is tragic that you're a dyke, we could have had so much fun in bed, I would have put my big fat cock in y-"

Someone cuts him off.

"Enough!" My mouth falls open at the sight of Jennie. I can't believe she just defends me even if it's none of her business. Her intervention takes my breath away and I stare at her, dumbstruck. Stephen never tried to make a move on Jennie because he thinks she's out of his league – too perfect.

"Je-Jennie," he starts to stutter. "I was just teasing her, please don't hate me."

She glares at him and crosses her arms. I am not certain if I should be glad or mad that she is protecting me. I don't want to make her feel like I need her help. I'm not a damn kid anymore.

"Go," she orders him and he didn't wait a single more second to leave the parking.

"I can stand on my own feet," I tell her and she frowns at me.

"Excuse me ?"

"I didn't ask for your help," I respond and grab my luggage on the floor.

I can't tell if she's mad at me because of her sunglasses but her voice made it seems like she is. Even though she can destroy my life with a single call, I am not afraid of her. I don't want to be nice to her after all the horrible things she said to me. She has no idea that words can be more painful than a knife in the chest. Or maybe, she is aware of it.

"Wait," she grabs my wrist when I was about to head into the taxis in front of the airport.

I freeze on spot and look at her. She doesn't have her sunglasses on anymore and I feel a pang in my heart when I look at her red eyes.

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