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Jennie is an only child but she has five close friends. She loves them, not romantically – of course. She will probably tell you that it would be disgusting if she shares romantic feelings for one of them.

There's a reason behind it. Jennie is a hard-working girl, but also open-minded, kind and magnificent. She loves a lot of things – except for one thing. She hates same-sex love with all of her gut. It is a fact, something that would never change in her state of mind. She can't bear seeing two people with the same gender loving each other without feeling sick.

Since a very young age, Jennie felt hatred growing inside her bones when the talk about same-sex marriage was on. She didn't understand all of these people and even now, she is still trying to figure them out. When she was sixteen, she demonstrated against same-sex mariage. She walked for three hours holding a huge cardboard sign and shouted in the street for twenty minutes but she did not regret it.

As a result, she used to be an activist against same-sex marriage for a long time. She met a few people that became her friends until she realized how horrible they were – not because of their discrimination against gay people but because they had terrible personalities in general. Egocentric, scrounger and ignorant.

After a few years there, she decided to quit the association. However, she continues to think that demonstrating for this case is always worthy because the simple thought of people kissing the same gender made her uncomfortable. She couldn't think nor talk about it as if it was something natural. For her, it is the opposite of normal.

Being the daughter of a pastor is an honor to Jennie because she doesn't have to hide to her parents for being heterosexual and therefore, dating men. She feels comfortable talking about relationships between a man and a woman. It is something obvious, something ineluctable.

People who weren't heterosexual were just confused and they needed to be fixed. Demonstrating against them would make them aware that loving someone with the same gender is not normal.

It's a sin.

For twenty-four years, her parents taught her that we were born to love the opposite sex, just like the old myth of Adam and Eve. The woman was created to fulfill the life of the man. Without her, the man would be lost.

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