Breaking down and rise again

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After five years we met again at the same spot where he asked me to be his. He starts walking towards me, I panicked and run, run away from HIM.

I stopped a cab and break down crying, it hurts, it hurts a lot; my heart was squeezing to the point it was impossible to breath.

The driver asked me where to drive, but I couldn't find my voice, I just gestured him to drive, anywhere, Anywhere but not here. So he took me to the beach. I paid him and walked away.

The salty breeze caressed my cheeks and wiped away my tears. I looked at the ocean, it was mesmerizing, as if he was alive, he was erupting in agony and anger and fear. Or maybe the green water just reflected what she saw in my green eyes.

The water was inviting me to step closer and closer, to step in the water and wash away those feelings and end everything...

Sometimes I wish there's an undo button in my life, but again that's impossible. And also with all this pain I won't change anything in my life, because I have Brayden, and I had love, a crazy one even if in the end it crushed me to dust.

" wow I thought you would throw yourself in the water". I looked to the source of the voice and found Nick, the same guy from Nicole's engagement party.

He came closer, and I felt his soft hand on my cheek. He whipped my tears that I didn't realize was running on my cheek. He hugged me in silence and said " it's ok, cry to calm your heart, find the will to rise again."

I cried and cried till my tears dried out. I looked in his eyes and mumbled in embarrassment" I ruined your shirt"

" Really, I'm here trying to play the knight in shiny armors or what they say and you say that you ruined my shirt??!" even he tried to look hurt I know that he was trying to make me smile.

" Really I appreciate what you did, I needed it, you're right I have to compose myself"

"you know that Brayden guy of yours, I think my fist want to meet him and have some man chat" I looked at him in horror " Noooo"

He tensed and looked away. " you love him that much! He made you cry". I shook my head in realization of why he was angry. "it's not like that you got everything wrong, it's not Brayden"

" huh?? But I thought he was your boyfriend who cheated on you and you knew that which broke your heart and now you are here crying"

" you have no idea how much you are right" I sighed in defeat, and sat down on the sand hugging my knees. He sat next to me and admired the water how it caressed gently the shore.

" you know I came here a lot, to clear my mind" he said whispering as if he was afraid to disturb the melody of water.

" Brayden is my son".

He froze in his place, it was like a thunder in clear sky.

" I saw his father today, after five years I met him, five years, five years" I kept repeating those two words I felt my tears running down my face but they were cold, icy cold. " and you know what's scaring me?? My heart still skip a beat at his view even if it's broken to million pieces"

" I don't know what to say, telling you to forget him and that you will heal I don't think so, but one thing I'm sure about, it's ok to keep him in your heart and love him but don't suffer alone you have a son to live for, you're broken find the will to rise again."
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