Doesn't matter as long as I'm yours

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If two people are meant to be together, they will eventually find their way back into each other's arms, no matter what.

~~~Daniel's POV~~~

As I was preparing myself the old lady's words kept playing in my head, which made me even more nervous. I felt like a love sick teenager on his first date.

I chuckled at my thoughts, even now she made me fell those butterflies in my stomach. I finished dressing I took a quick glance at the mirror and wished myself good luck.

~~~At the club~~~

I grew impatient, they should be here an hour ago. What if they changed their mind, or worst he hurt her, and to make the wait even worse even now and then a girl will come near me trying to be seductive and invite me to have some fun.

Really do I look like a charity that will give them the attention they seek. Honesty after my divorce with Rosie I never was with a women. Surely I fooled around, kissing hugging but it never went beyond that. I just couldn't, even if some times I wanted to shut that pain.

I wanted revenge to show her that I can be with any women I want, but after all nothing ever happened. But that doesn't mean I will tell that to anyone. I walked to the bar to get myself a new drink, as I walked back to my booth I bumped into someone.

I really was angry and on top of that my shirt was soaked with my drink, just great, this is what I need. I looked at this stupid person to give him a piece of my mind. But I froze in my place as I looked to my favorite pair of shocked green eyes.


"Rose! what are you doing here?" I tried to seems chocked, and it worked.

"I-I'm on a date, sorry I didn't mean to destroy your shirt, I'm sorry. What can I do?"

I looked at her she was a little tipsy, and that means she is here long enough to get drunk. I looked around and didn't find her date, good. "Well I was here with my friend and now you ruined my shirt and I have to call it a night and go home." I pouted.

"OH". Well this wasn't the respond I wanted to hear so I tried again. "I was with my guy friend"

"Ooh". And she smiled shyly. "Well come with me." She took my hand in hers and lid the way. I was on cloud nine. she took me to the rest room. "Take it off". I blinked once, twice and asked to be sure "W-What?"

"Take your shirt off I need to wash the spot or it will remain."

"Aaah, ok" As I took it off I could feel her eyes on me. Good so she  still is attracted to me but she don't know it, or her brain doesn't let her.

She washed it then dried it with hand drier. " Well it's as good as new" and she gave me the shirt with a small smile. For a moment I felt like there was no one beside us as I looked deep in her green eyes.

"Dance with me" I said it quicker than I good register it.

"Ok". We walked back to the dance floor. I put my hand on her waist and we moved to the beat. It felt so natural to have her in my arms. And it seems that she forgot about her date as we danced song after another.

Well I spoke to soon. "Rose here you are, I was looking for you"

"Oh Ben I lost you and then I bumped to my ex and we just danced"

"Well I think we should go" I didn't like were the conversation was going so I grabbed Rose by her arm and pushed her behind me.

"She is not going with you" I stressed every word.

"Dude calm down ok, and let the lady decide." I looked at her and she was lost for words.

"Ben take me home please."


"No you are not going anywhere with him." She looked at me with anger filled her eyes.

"And why is that? You think I danced with you and again I remembered you?"

"No, but you won't go with him anyway"





"Daniel you are a nightmare"

"Once I was your dream"

"And now you are my nightmare."

I chuckled "I don't care if you think I'm a nightmare or a dream, as long as I'm yours it's ok with me." And I took her hand and led her out the club.

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