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Dust Of Lust || Bwwm || Completed by _Gypsy_Girl_
Dust Of Lust || Bwwm || Completedby A.Dee
I walked near his bed to change his bed sheets since he created such a drama outside. My stomach constantly hurt and it was making me to pay less attention to my surroun...
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Master Of Feær by Rob_bitHop
Master Of Feærby BunnyMayvi12
At the age of five, Elizabeth Albert's life was already bound to a man who's ten years older than her. Oh no! Not only was he older than our girl but he was the king of...
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Trust one more time by laylalola1
Trust one more timeby laylalola1
Can a broken heart be fixed after being ripped apart from the most dear person to you? Can you trust him again? ************** I was in the kitchen making dinner, a knoc...
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Poetry From A Mind Of Growth by ZSQDGaming
Poetry From A Mind Of Growthby ZSQD Gaming
It's about Androids and Artificial intelligence thinking process and what they might be. Read if you dare and see if you can handle the darkness and shed light on this...
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Exchanging Lust by TwirlPer
Exchanging Lustby TWIRLPER
#Lust1series---Gabriel Commendador, the aggressive, reckless and heartless dude on school hates Jimuel Zanine really much. He would do everything to make Jimuel suffer f...
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Please Help! by cicibars
Please Help!by cicibars
"Why am I here and who are you" my brain was screaming kick him and run the hell out of here. "Why is skin is of this coloration" he said while ignor...
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Lost Fantasy by ayaamirr
Lost Fantasyby Aya Amir✨
Julia Marcus, a 17 year old girl was let down by everyone around her including her abusive stepparents, she was constantly bullied at school, betrayed by her best friend...
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steadily insane  by NafeesahCoggins
steadily insane by nae'c mqor
"Get off of me, this is wrong" swey says, with her hands pinned up against the wall trying to get out of his strong grip. He slowly tells her,"you wont ge...
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Night time thoughts  by batman_trash-king
Night time thoughts by Batmantrash18
I think you know what this book will look like. I don't know if this will ever be uploaded But comment on the stupid stuff I say. Deep thoughts late at night I don't k...
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Perverse Mates by silverchainheart
Perverse Matesby Fūck Up
per·verse adjective: perverse showing a deliberate and obstinate desire to behave in a way that is unreasonable or unacceptable, often in spite of the consequences. |•°...
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Fortune Striper by BobbyBeck4
Fortune Striperby Bobby Beck
a story about a young pretty girl whose parents both died in war. she was then left with her only brother. as poor as they were, they could only afford one's education a...
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Read my Soul (from the start) by laylalola1
Read my Soul (from the start)by laylalola1
everything happens for a reason but when you run away from yourself you just make things worst. karma is a hard thing to understand Claire came back to make Zack pay for...
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(DISCONTINUED/SHORT ENDING) What? Are you serious? (Wattys2017) by ryan51303
What? While exploring and enjoying college life, Annabelle has made some friends along the way. The wrong ones to be exact. Annabelle has a crush that her two other &quo...
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The billionaire's run away [ON HOLD] by Dammylafe
The billionaire's run away [ON Dammy Lafe
she is a billionaire by birth. she is surrounded by millionaires, billionaires and even trillioniares. Read and find out the struggle of the poor . She fights for he...
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CAN We TALK by camonika
CAN We TALKby camonika
Inspired by an African writer Shimmer Chinodya. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Facing the breakdown of his marriage challenges his audience.
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The Book Of TAY by TP_Industries
The Book Of TAYby TP
That aggressive side of me unleashed on these pages I don't hold nothing back in here-TAY
Her Beauty by camonika
Her Beautyby camonika
A lot of things can happen in a short amount of can lose the one thing u love but don't lose faith and hope and never let distraction take you to wrong places ...
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PLAYER by camonika
PLAYERby camonika
in a relationship girls are usually the ones who get played in most cases but in this story a guy gets played.sometimes you can play a guy not knowing he is the one all...
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The Other Me by diannetum2
The Other Meby diannetum2
Two young girls from different worlds meet in an unexpected way to find the shock of their life, Karen is that quiet girl you never want to mess with and Lauren doesn't...
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Empty Souls by jennyhunt75
Empty Soulsby Mystic Soul
A non-fiction book series exploring and detailing the feelings, fears, struggles, and battles of a woman's life with a narcissist. Women reading this series hopefully wi...
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