Check mate

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~~~Daniel's POV~~~

True LOVE is like chess, a man PLAYS and ALWAYS is afraid of LOSING his QUEEN and a women RISKS everything just to PROTECT her KING...

Over my dead body...

I was furious to say the least. How could she just agree to go on a date with a complete stranger. She was a grown up women, a mother of my child, how could be so careless. And it clicked in my head.

Rosie was an adventured type, I can remember her college years, one of the reason why I fell for her was that she was a flame, a burning fire. So if I can't let her remember me I can let her fall for me. After all I know her better now. I hope so, she couldn't change to much over the last five years.

I make a call to my  private investigator, I need to know what was happening tonight to take actions.

The rest of the day went quickly, at the end of the day I started to get frustrated, finally my phone rang. I answered without looking at the caller ID and soon regretted it. "Daniel honey why you don't call your mom? I missed you"

"Mom I'm busy" I answered rolling my eyes.

"With what? with that that"

"yes mom with Rosie, I'm trying to figure out how to get her remember and forgive me. So don't you dare interfere."

"Daniel how could you!!! I'm your mother, you will chose her over me?" I didn't reply there was silence for a moment.

"Da-Daniel you can't"

"You know what mom I CAN." And I ended the call. It was harsh I know but, I was at my limits. Losing her once was more then enough for me. I need to focus on my goal. And as the heaven heard my prayers my phone rang again. "Hello.."

 After I got all the information that I need, I decided to walk home. I need to cool down a bit before tonight. As I was walking, I bumped into an old lady, a very sting old lady. I was about to snap but something hold me back.

"I see you wanted to yell at me son, but you didn't why??"


"You're lost my child, I see that you are the ROSE but you have a lot of thorns, she can't held you without bleeding, you have to bare yourself to her, if you don't want to lose her. Open your eyes lover boy the storm is close,  close."


"Do you play chess??"

"huh? Yeah?"

" YOU ARE THE KING DON'T FORGET THAT, AND SHE IS YOUR QUEEN" She yelled as loud as her voice let her.

"Old lady what are you taking about?"

" Play your figures right, BECAUSE there's someone wants a CHECK MATE, know your opponent"

And she just walked away, just as she appeared in front of me. I was confused, what she meant by her words, I really was not ready for some old lady fantasies, so I just walked home. I have an important night.

~~Daniel's mother POV~~

He hang up on me, I couldn't believe what just happened, he chose that skunk over me, his own blood. Well I won't sit and just watch as she reappear in his life again. I took my phone and dialed a very old friend of mine, after few rings he answered "Hello dear I have a job for you."

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