Not anymore...

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I was yours before I knew it.... and you have been mine too.

~~~~Daniel's POV~~~~

I dressed quickly and stormed out of the house, I wasn't planning to go anywhere special, I just drove. I needed to clear my head, and as always I ended at the park, under our tree.

I chuckled it's funny how I always end at this place, it's like my subconscious is related to this place. I always came back to here. Well I think it's a sign, it can't be more obvious than this, can it?? From the very beginning I was hers, and I felt it with every cell in my body, it's really scary how much power she possess over me.

" Why? what I did to deserve all of this? God why you did this to me?"

" You know it always been you, never someone else, it always been you". I turned around stunned and met with the pair of those green eyes.

"W-What you-I-Uh" I couldn't squeeze a word out of my mouth. She smiled and said "Don't look at me like you've seen a ghost"

"You really are here?"

"Yes I am"

"I-It's mean you remember"

"Yes I remember" I stopped breathing it was like I was hit by a truck, I couldn't be any happier but it felt like being cut by a blade with two sides, a blessing and a curse, I was happy that she remembered me but also it means that she remembered that we are not together anymore.

I looked in her eyes and lost the last bit of a control I had over myself and pulled her in a bear hug, and hide my face in the crook of her neck inhaling her vanilla sent. God I missed holding her in my hands it felt so right.

"Forgive me, Rose, please just forgive me"

She pushed away slightly and something flashed in her eyes but disappeared as quickly as appeared, and then she whispered "I forgave you Daniel, I won't be here if I didn't forgave you". I stared at her stunned I couldn't understand what was happening "T-Then why you left?"

Again something flashed in her eyes and disappeared she took my face in her hands and said "Because it's not my place anymore".

I froze in my place, well talk about surprises "W-what are you talking about, it's never was someone's else it always was  and will be your place"

"No not anymore". she smiled at me sadly  putting her head on my chest.

"Not anymore...

Daniel I want peace, I'm tired of fighting, I deserve to be loved and cherished, my son deserve it as well."

"Rose, your place is with me, I'm your home" I tried to reason with her desperately. "No, it's ruined beyond repair, besides your mother won't accept me, and I'm tired of all of this, please just set me free.''

"What no,  I can't set you free you have to be near me, your place here with me, don't worry everything will be fine." And I hugged her tighter, but she pushed me away with such a force that I took two steps back.

"Fine, You say fine, for how long? tell me, till you find a mistake, or me cheating on you, then what you will throw me away like trash." She yelled.

"No, everything will be fine as me loving you every day harder than the day before, me coming back  home to hug you and say how much I missed you, to kiss you a good night kiss, then kiss your baby bump, and after few months having little you running around the house." I yelled back.

She was chocked to say the least. unconsciously she put her hands on her  flat stomach and looked at me wide eyed. "Are y-you serious?"

"Dead serious."

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