You are the ONE

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'Just great, as if my life isn't complicated enough, now my mind is stuffed with this creepy old women words; 'what does she meant anyway??'.

I didn't realize that I walked myself to the park. It was an hour walk away from my work, I couldn't believe that I walked for so long. So I just decided to sit on a bench and enjoy the sun.

The sun ray felt good on my skin, I loved to sunbath especially when I was a college girl. The three of us, Kate Nicole and I would skip classes on a sunny day to go to the park. It was like our thing, we would lay under a tree and search for a funny cloud, or just watch as the wind play with the leafs enjoying how the sun kissed our skin.

I inhaled deeply remembering my college year. I was back then an adventurous girl, even I was a straight A student I had my share of fun, I remember all the stupid things we did, like asking a random guy to tell us whose hair cut was better or that we are from the press department and we have a survey and we want to know what was the first though he had on mind when he wake up. Pretty stupid, I know but their faces were hilarious; it was priceless.

This park brings up so much memories, happy memories, that I missed so much. I wondered why I stopped to came hear? I shook my head to get ride of the bad thoughts that tried to take over me. 'You know to well why you stopped to came hear, it was because of him; oh great now I talk to myself. I closed my eyes as I lost myself in my past.

"meet me at the park under our tree" it  was all that Daniel wrote in his message. When I arrived he was waiting there for me, his posture was tense,he was nervous. "what's wrong Daniel?"

"oh you came"

"Uh duh you asked me to came so what's up?"

"GO on a date with me?''

" Is this a question?'' I asked amused

'' No..uh.. yes.... maybe?"

"you are so cute when you're nervous you know that, and yes I will go on a date with you"

"That's great let's go NOW"

"Like now now?"

"yes". And he hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath, he pulled away and said " let's buy you an ice cream''.

 As we were walking, a boy came my way and gave me a flower, then after few steps a girl came and it goes on till I had in my hands a bouquet of roses, I looked at Daniel and gasped as I saw him on his knee holding a rose in his hand "will you be my girlfriend?"

That day he asked me officially to be his girlfriend, I was on cloud nine from happiness I couldn't find my voice to answer, so I just nodded. He smiled at me and came closer, he hold me in his arms and asked "can I hear it?". Again I nodded. His smile get wider " I'm still waiting".

Realizing that I still didn't say a word I took a deep breath and smiled at him " it took you long enough to ask, yes, I will be your girlfriend" I gave him a quick peek on the lips "Did you planned all of this??"

"yes, I tried to impress you, because you're special, Rosie you're the one and only for me, I felt it the moment my eyes spotted you or the moment you split your drink on me, at first I couldn't understand it but, Rosie I'm addicted to you the past month was torture for me, I couldn't get you out of my mind I want you to be mine". I looked at him in shock, I wasn't expecting him to confess to me, I surely have a crush on him but what he is asking was something else, was I ready?

" I understand if you are scary, I don't expect you to give me your answer right now, but I wanted you to know". I nodded looking straight into his eyes to show him that I understand and to reassure him that I'm not as much scary as he think I'm.

I opened my eyes and whipped a tear that escaped me, I stood and was about to leave when I spotted a pair of chocolate eyes looking at me. It was him my sweet nightmare he was in his shirt and jeans, simple but hot as ever, I felt numb, my throat went dry and I couldn't move, he was looking through me, straight to my soul. After five years we met again at the same spot where he asked me to be his.He start walking towards me, I panicked and run, run away from him.

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