Love me like you do....

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sry guys you waited so long... I had problems with Wi-fi, so I couldn't update, and for the next few weeks I will have exams so I won't be able to update, but hope u will like this chapter.

Pllllz play Love me like you do "Ellie Goulding" while reading this chapter.


~~~Daniel's POV~~~

I walked away, I couldn't breath it was like someone knocked all the oxygen out my lungs. I couldn't point what went wrong? yesterday she was fine, smiling and relaxed. It can't be my mother's visit, she won't react this way. Was she planed all of this to avenge me??

All I know now that I need to do something to see my son again. Maybe if I came tomorrow she will cool down and explain. I know she's a tempered women,, for her to react that way it must be something that alerted her.

My rational side was telling to wait and don't do something stupid, but she took away my son; for five years I didn't know that I have one and now when I started to know him she want to take him away one more time. I was became irritated and furious; how dare she??? I have rights as much as she has. And then my mother's word hit me hard " she took your son away IS it ok with you?"

No of course it's not, I will do everything possible to have him. Even if I need to sue her. And as I wasn't miserable enough it starts raining. I looked at the dark sky and screamed "Why???" what did I do wrong?" I went to nearest bar I need to drown my aching pain in my chest.

After one bottle of Bourbon some bear and few shots I was drunk, way to drunk. Outside it was still raining, but I was too lost to even think that I probably need a cab. So the smart me decide to walk. I don't know how I managed to arrive to the park to our bench. I looked at it and wave of agony circled through my body. As if just looking at this bench will cause me pain.

But still I decided to sit on it. "S-See Uh -you bench, I'm sitting on you, all alone. YEEEES alone you sh-should remember Uh- that she promised that she will never leave me. LIARRRR Uh. I know I think it too, she just want revenge. I know those photos were true. She cheated on me with that ass. C-Can you believe i-it". I stopped for seconds my monologue with the bench.

It was dark outside and I was all wet and cold but the alcohol in my system warmed me, or I thought that way. Not important. I curled on the bench, hugged myself and continued my speech. "So body, tell me do she come here often? Do she remember?" but there was silence. No one answered.

"Body it's not fair, I have to know; no I need to know, I need her like oxygen she's the air that I breath but she always walk away. Maybe it's a sign that we don't belong to each other. What? what did you say? you agree? See even you a bench throw this fact in my face. So what should I do? Fight her? You know I'm tired I will sleep now ok" And I closed my eyes welcoming to my sweet nightmare.

It was our anniversary, six month together. I know stupid but for me every day with her was like years. Men I'm head over hills in love with her, god I sound like a girl. I'm whipped.

It was a warm day, sunny day, perfect for a picnic. I bought her  favored cheese burger some juice and flowers, her beloved tulips. I wanted everything to be perfect. I went to take her, and I was stunned looking at her. She wore a beautiful yellow dress that reached above her knee and some brown sandals.

Till now everything was just perfect we eat, and talked. Even after six months together she didn't failed to surprise me. She always was funny and smart. I loved her since day one. She was different from other girls. She never asked me about my empire, it was not important to her. She saw me and not my bank account. She didn't throw herself at me, she was perfect in everything, and I was happy to know that she was mine, and I'm hers. "Rose I love you".

She posed and looked at me wide eyed, I too froze. Where did this came from?? I looked in her eyes as fear consumed me. I can't bear her rejection. I know that it's too soon. But I can't hide my feelings any longer." It's ok you don't have to answer now, I can wait" She wanted to say something but it started to rain. So we stood and run to the first shelter. I wrapped around her my jacket but it wasn't enough. Now we were both wet. And she started to giggle. I looked at her confused, "Why are you laughing?"

"It's so funny, date under the rain, come we are already wet so no point in hiding now lets walk" and she took my hand in hers and we walked under the rain. I should say it was fun. I saw in the far a little store that catches my attention. I took her hand and said  "come"

It was a small souvenir store, a little box catches my attention I looked at it and Rosie was next to me. "It's a teller box" The old lady said." what does it mean?" Rosie asked "It means it tells you your future, each one of you pick a box and exchange them." We did as she told us, I told Rosie to open hers first and I was mortified when I saw what was inside it.

A ring...

 Yellow ring, Oh my god I just gave her a ring. I looked at her stunned, I was afraid to see rejection in her eyes,she was stunned when I told her that I love her but now. Her eyes were blank and I don't know what killed me most the fair of her reaction or it's absence. For seconds I was lost in her green eyes. I don't know were did this courage came but I thought it's fate so now or never. I took the ring from her hand and dropped to one knee and said " Marry me".

Well now her face was in horror, I couldn't understand why. So I just repeated "Rosie marry me, I know you are afraid, me too but I think it's fate. I know that today I said that I love you but believe me it's been for a while so I think that it's a sign"

"Really?? But... I thought.... you said.... I'm. UUH??"

"What's with this answer? marry me, Rose my knee hurts please marry me" For seconds I thought she will say no but then she wispered  "yees". It was all I need to take her in my arms and hug her tight but before I slidded my ring on her finger.

"Now open yours". I did as she said and there was a paper "use your heart to see and not your ears". "well that was weird" .

I opened my eyes and looked at my watch, 3 am. Oh god I slept in the park, I need to go back homebut I wasn't in a state to go that far. I was a little sober now, but my head was killing me so I walked to my office thankfully it was near. as I entered it I couldn't wait to reach my couch. And before I drifted to sleep again I remembered those words again....

"use your heart to see and not your ears".

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