What If???

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~~~Rosie's POV~~~

It's been a month since I was released from the hospital. Slowly I was returning to my previous life. Nicole and Kate didn't leave me. Every day they came and helped me remembering and close all the holes my mind created.
Everything were settling down. My son was near me, I spend as much time with him as I can. I missed him a lot, for the first two weeks he couldn't stop talking. So much he wanted to tell me, to show me. It was really sweet, and I was happy. I'm happy.

As for Daniel I still couldn't remember him, even when I tried, and believe me I tried everything, going on dates with him, spending all nights talking about us, but nothing, it was like us never happened, the only connection between us was Brayden. So I stopped trying, I think it's not meant to be.

Today was Friday, the girls night, Kate Nicole and I decided to go clubbing. It's been awhile since we went wild, and after all what happened last month we all needed some break.
So I sent Brayden to his friend, and we were preparing ourselves at my place. My heart was biting fast, I felt that something will happen, it excited me and scarred at the same time, but I pushed it to the back of my mind.

~~At the club~~

It was dark and very crowded, we directly went to the VIP section where we sat at our booth. We ordered some shots to loosen up a little. Then we hit the dance floor. We danced like there was no tomorrow. It was fun. After I don't know how many shots and how much time passed I was really drunk as was Kate. This time Nicole was the big one, who will make sure we didn't do something stupid. And knowing me and Kate we will do something stupid.

At some time, I saw Kate dancing with some guy and suddenly I felt two hands on my waist, I turned around and saw two amazing eyes looking at me.  "Hello gorgeous". I giggled like a teenager girl  and replied "hello handsome" and I wrapped my hands around his neck and continued dancing.

Well I don't know what was happening to me, but really I didn't care now. I looked in his blue eyes and forgot everything as I let  the music guide me. I have to admit he was a great dancer, our bodies fitted each other perfectly, at some time I felt his breath at the crook of my neck. I don't know why but I lined closer to him.

Maybe because I forgot how it felt to be in man's hands, how it felt to be loved. Maybe it's a good think my amnesia, maybe it's my new start.

We lost the track of time in each other, we danced and laughed even if there was a loud music around us and a lot of people I didn't care. It felt like we were alone. Suddenly I wanted to kiss him. I leaned closer and lightly touched his lips.

A spark, I felt little sparks down my spine, I looked in his eyes and found little tingles in them.  "You know you are an interesting  one"

"You know, I know" I laughed I didn't make any sense. " what If I asked you to go out on a date with me??"

"What If I told you that I'm a mother" again I giggled.

"What If I told you I don't care, Go out with me"

"What If I said YES"... 

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