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"you left us back then so go away now" I said as loud as I could and as confident as I could sound.I knew that he could hear me, and that he is stubborn enough to stay, so I decided to torture him a little.

For a moment I thought he left, because it was so quite, but then again he started to yell with so much hurt "Open the damn door Rose, I want to see my son, to hug you, I want to be part of your life again, I will forgive you, I will if you just admit your fault. I want those five years of my son's life, why did you took them away from me? why?".

I was stunned with his drunk speech. I didn't know that he was in so much pain, I didn't know that it will mean that much to him, but  which fault was he talking about? I thought. I opened the door and looked at him "What are you talking about?"

"Those five years I want them back" he yelp stubbornly.

"And I want my heart back, but that not gonna happen so suck it" I shouted back. And then he did something not in a million year I would expect, he reduced the distance between us in two steps and kissed me; at first I was shocked, I felt that I was numb for hours, I wanted to push him but my body betrayed  me and I stepped closer into his touch.

I knew it was wrong but it felt so good, his warm lips, his sinful lips was perfectly locked with mine, they moved in sink and for a second I forgot everything, everything...

But then his words came in a flash that sliced my heart; you're worthless, you're a shame to me; and I pulled back I looked into his eyes and punched his face as hard as I could. He stepped back and touched his lower lips, there was a little bruise formed at the corner but he didn't react at all.

He was breathing hard as me, in his drunk eyes flashed something that I couldn't point, and one more time he closed the distance between us and claimed my lips with his in a passionate kiss. I felt his anger his pain and his regret. "I want peace" he murmured against my lips, as he continued kissing me.

~~~~Daniel's mom POV~~~~~

To say I was chocked would be a understatement, I couldn't believe what my son said. He just dropped a bomb and vanished. I couldn't believe what that snake told him. I know that he's blinded by her, so she can manipulate him as she please. Beside it can be a trap to take my son away from me, that gold digger, I was so pleased when I knew about those pictures, of course it pained me to see my baby hurt, but in the end she was out of the picture.

I can't let her ruin my planes, I finally found a good bride to be to my son, and I will do everything in my power to fulfill my goals. She was a heiress of an oil empire, a good addition to our business, besides she will do everything I told her, she was my best-friend daughter. So I need to work fast, but first I need to be sure that that boy really is my grand son, so I did few calls and was waiting in the library to get my answers.

I was getting irritated, what taking them so long. I asked my best detectives to find the truth and it's almost 8 pm and no response. Finally my phone rang, and I couldn't be more happier. Well it changes the situation radically, but it worth it; I have a grandson. So now I will have a family that I want. A wife of my choice and a grandson. But first I have to bring him where he should be, away from that snake with me.

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