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~~~ Daniel's POV~~~

She is gone...

She is gone...

She is gone...

It echoed in my mind like a curse, I felt as my blood froze in my veins. I couldn't believe my ears, and I didn't, because it's not true, it can't be true.

I didn't notice that I was shaken Kate, and yelling it's not true, it's not true...

I was in a trance, I didn't know that I could feel more pain than the time I found about her cheating. I was brought to reality by a slap.

I looked in Kate's teary eyes and saw so much pain that it was sophisticating me, this burden was unbearable. "H-How" my voice broke at the end.

''You want to know? I will take you to her, you deserve to see, and feel this pain that will slowly eat you inside out." She said it with so much venom in her voice, that I barley recognized the always care free Kate.

I didn't understand first "she's alive??"

" You jerk.. you thought she died??? I bet you wanted her dead, you ruined her, don't hope to much she's alive, but she don't speak don't blink she shut herself, she's like living dead" at the end Kate was screaming, I stopped listening to her after she said that Rose still alive, It was the only thing that meant to me.

She's alive

She's alive and that's what matters.

~~~ At the hospital~~~

My hands were shaking, I stood outside her room for twenty minutes and couldn't open it. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it will explode. Finally I opened the door and looked inside.

Silence. It was a painful silence that will tear you apart slowly. She was sitting next to the window looking outside. For a moment you will think that she was deep in thoughts, but after I came closer I saw that there was a deadly silent on her face. I placed my hand on her shoulder but she didn't move.

She didn't react nor blink. There was nothing at all. And for the first time I felt like I was losing ground under my feet and that I was useless. Rose, my Rose was in front of me but at the same time far away. I put my head on her lap and cried my heart out.

Days flew like crazy. I came every day to visit Rose, there was no progress at all. It was like she didn't want to came back. I took Brayden to my house, I told him that mom was a little sick and need to rest a little. But I could see in his eyes that he knew that I was lying.

He was a smart kid, Rose did great rising him. I could see that he was missing her, I missed her. Over the years I missed her, badly, at first I drawn myself in alcohol, after that I was fooling around with women trying to get her out my head. But it seemed as much I tried to forget her as deep she engraved in my heart, body and soul.

Every day I spend hours at her feet begging her to came back, but she never reacted. Doctor told me that it will take time to have any reaction, but with every day I can see that she's slipping away.

We always had this connection, we could feel each other. Even that past years she was far from me, I knew some how that she was ok. But now, it's something else.

Every night I have this dream that she's walking away from me, and I just stand in my place watching her go away.

The past month was hell, I became a shell of a man. All my free time I tried to spend with my son. Rose was still the same.

My mother was very happy, she was the only one at the house who had a good time. Some times I couldn't go home, because her permanent smile was killing me. But the last drop was this evening. I exploded.

After spending some time with Rose I came home. Brayden was playing with his friend in the play room, I spotted my mother in the kitchen she was backing a lemon cake.

I forgot the last time she did something by herself. "Mom what's happening??"

"Oh dear you came home. Go take shower and be ready, we have guest in 10."

"Mom I don't understand"

"Oh sweety, my friend Rachel will come and visit us with her daughter, she's very wealthy, sweet and she will be a good partner to you. So be ready".

I felt like my blood was boiling. "What???"

"Daniel I found you an ideal wife, she has money not like your gold digger, she's educated sweet and will be a good mother for your son and a good business partner for you. "

And then I lost it "What?? a gold digger? No one, do you hear me no one will be better mother to my son than Rose, she was and will be my only partner in everything, I just need her to get better and I will work everything out between us."

"No, she's not good enough, she has nothing."

"You are wrong she has everything, she has my heart"

"Oh please stop fooling around about your school love."

"No mom, you stop. I loved her, I love her, and I will love her till my last breath. All this years I regretted million times that I walked away without a word because my pride stood in the way. I pretended to be ok, I distracted myself with so many things. But at the end, every night I always thought about her. So don't you ever think to play matchmaker"


You ungrateful child, I did everything in my power to keep her away from you, and now from my grandchild. And you want to bring her back??? Over my dead body, besides she's dead". It was the last call I couldn't keep my anger under control any longer.

So I throw against the wall the cup that was on the table, and yelled I didn't care anymore that my son was at home, all I could see is red "what did you say??"

"You heard me, it was me who fabricated those pictures, I tried everything to shove her away, but she was very faithful, so I had no choice."

I froze. I didn't expect that. And the fact that my mother, my own flesh and blood did this was more terrifying.

"Who are you?" I asked in disbelieve, "How could you do this to me??" She looked taken aback the coldness in my voice snapped her from her anger and she realized what she said. "Sweety, I did what was the best for you, she's not good enough for you." she stepped closer to me but I took a step back.

"It was you, it was you who ruined my marriage, my life, it's you. Tell me something, the fire, is your idea???"

Something flashed in her eyes, but then she cover it quickly "Yes, otherwise you wouldn't have full custody of Brayden. Oh please don't look at me like that, you can blame me all you want but I did what was best for the family, our family. And if you loved her so much, how did you believe those pictures so easily, so it's your fault too".

I looked at this women who stood in front of me, she was a complete stranger I couldn't believe my ears. But one thing she was right with. I was a fool to believe those pictures.

I stormed out the kitchen but at the door without turning I said " you are right I'm a fool" and walked away. I took my car and speed off. I couldn't see anything in front of me. I just wanted this pain to go away. So I pressed more on the gas.

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