My wings

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"You can run," Dorian said in a neutral tone that did nothing to lessen the intensity of his
expression, "but sooner or later, you run out of places to run to."

~~~Daniel's POV~~~

In a blink of an eye she disappeared. Just like a ghost,  once she's here and another not. Well it hurts, I just purred my heart out to her, and she just run away.

I called her, but it was like a push to her to run faster, well well you run fast I run faster, I never turned down a good chase. I will do everything to have her back.

I run after her, I will always run after her, but what I saw didn't settle down with me. I was furious instantly, I didn't like her in other man's hand. I felt jealous, I always was jealous of her it was the main reason why we broke up, why I broke up with her.

I see red, she wasn't pushing him away any time soon, and what made it worse she just froze in her place looking in his eyes. I can't let it happen, she wasn't emotionally stable, she was broken and hurt and I was responsible of that. But that didn't meant that I will just sit and look how she's escaping through my hands.

I snapped out of my state when I heard him talk "are you ok beautiful?".

What was that? Does he has a death wish, I jerked her towards me "Keep your hands away from my wife"

"Hey dude, calm down I think that it should be you who should keep his hands to himself"

" It's better if you shut this f*cking mouth of yours before I do."

I was now enraged, if looks can kill he will be buried ten feet under the ground, but suddenly I felt hands wrapped around me in a soothing manner. I looked down and was surprised by her teary eyes looking at me.

"Please don't do this, people are looking"

I looked around and she was right some teenagers were recording everything, I hugged her and buried my face in her hair. " I'm sorry, ju-just don't leave me again"

She didn't respond immediately, but after few minutes she nodded and I relaxed. "Let's go home" I whispered.

The drive home was silent, I didn't know what to say or how to start a conversation, and neither did she want to speak.  But I knew that we have to solve this before it gets out of our hands.

I parked next to her house, but neither of us moved, so I decided to break the ice. "You know I really meant everything I said back there". She was silent for a while but then spoke "I know, but it don't change anything."

I exhaled loudly "Why? why? But please don't lie, Am I this late? I see that you still love me, why with every wall I break you built thousand? I understand that you want me to suffer, and I deserve it, but don't you think you deserve to be happy, we deserve to be happy"

"You want the truth?" she looked at me with anger playing in her beautiful green eyes "Yes"

"Because I'm afraid that you will hurt me again, because I tried to kill myself when you throw me away, because I was left alone, the only rock that I had died, my mother died after three weeks of our divorce, because I went through hell and back, because your mother will always be between us, I don't want to be a b*tch and let you chose between me and her, because I know it will always be her, even if you chose me your heart will always be with her"

I was choked to say the least, but I can't go back now as I was going to speak she cut me off "I want peace Daniel I'm tired playing by your mother's rules, I don't want to change myself to fit in your life, to squeeze a tiny space in your life but still be your gold digger wife, I'm done"

I felt as anger burned in my chest, so this is the problem " Why? why you didn't say a word? why I didn't know a thing of all this, all you needed was ask. Why you hide it from me? I was your husband, is this what you thought of me? That I'm some mommy's boy, that I wasn't able to defend my family?"

"And could you? Could you say to your mother that I loved you for you? That I'm not some gold digger wh*re that was after your money, that I put aside my dreams and everything and tried to be a wife that deserved you, that was a shield to you from all the unnecessary problems, but in the end you even didn't give me a chance to explain myself, so how? how can you ask me to trust you one more time?"

I was stunned I really was blind, I couldn't believe that all those things happened under my nose and I didn't know. Well she really didn't make things any easier for me, I chuckled and smirked at her "I really was a jerk"

"Yes you are"


"yes, so now that you know the truth please leave me alone, I just spread my wings and trying to fly again so please don't hold me back." she opened the door and slammed it hard as I watched her  walk away and closing the door of her house without even looking at me for once.

Finally I updated I know it took me forever but it's really a long update so enjoy, And happy new year <3<3<3

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