How to break a HEART!!

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No matter what has happened. No matter what you've done. No matter what you will do. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU. I swear it.

One week!!!

It's been a week since the court started and to say that it was like dying slowly and painfully was like saying nothing. Thankfully Nick was there, even after I told him it was ok.

But being the gentlemen he said that he can't leave me. I didn't understand his motives and I didn't ask to many questions, I was just glade that he was near, and Kate too.

It was evening, I was having dinner with Brayden, I was silent, couldn't squeeze a word out. Something was wrong, I could feel it but couldn't say what exactly. "Mom, why dad stopped visiting me? Did I do something wrong?"

"No baby of course not, it's just.. just"

"It's just what mom?"

"You see your daddy and I have a misunderstanding, he wants to... to" I couldn't pronounce the word without shedding a tear. "He want's to take me away from you?"

"That will never happen munchkin, I will never let him take you away." Over my dead body; I thought.

That night I talked with Kate to early hours in the morning on the phone, I couldn't sleep something was up, even with her reassurance I was afraid, not from him, Daniel may be a jerk.

Well he's a jerk believing that I cheated on him with his best friend. How could he!! and with those thoughts and maybe with my wild fantasy, fifty ways of breaking his neck, I drifted to deep sleep.

In the morning I took Brayden to his pre-school and asked him to stay again at his friend's place. And went directly to the court. Well it was the usual the judge asked more questions and took notes but something was off, it felt like she was preferring Daniel on me.

The panic was slowly getting into me, as the time came closer to the end. The judge took her time to decide, after all it was a big case, Daniel's Clark the billionaire.

"...After analyzing all the circumstances, and with appearance of new facts the court decided that the well being of Brayden Clark will be assured by his father Daniel Clark as his mother is suspected in the crime of burning the family dinner of Colline's".

"What??" Daniel and I said in union, "your majesty what crime? It's ridiculous, you can't take my son away, NO!!!"

I felt like I was loosing the ground under my feet, my breath quickened and everything was like in slow motion. I heard my name called by Daniel, my eyes locked with his and I saw red. I walked towards him and from all my shattered heart I slapped him.

He froze in surprise but I continued my attack and hit him on his chest again and again as I felt my strength go away, "Are you happy now?? you stood this low, you fabricated this incident with fire?"

"What Rose no I swear I.." I slapped him again "never again call me Rose, this is not over." And I walked out the room.

I drove home with constant reply of what happened a while ago, I couldn't believe that I lost my child, no it wasn't gonna happen. So as I arrived I decided that I should run, run as fast as I could.

But suddenly all my suppressed emotions rose to surface and I felt as my chest tightened and I started to hyperventilate. All the energy left my body and I felt that the room was spinning around, and I just fall unconscious on the ground in the middle of the living room.

hiiii guys sry for long update, but in my defense I was sick, I still am but now I'm better.

I know not the most interesting chapter, I promise next will be full of actions and drama. Sry for the court result but I felt it should be Daniel, and who do you think is responsible of the fire???

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Love u guys

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