Into the labyrinth...

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It was a week since our little incidence at my front door, I still was a little unsure about everything but I think I just have to stop over-thinking and deal with everything at time.

I was sitting at the park trying to figure out what to do with my job, I definitely needed one, and very fast. Brayden's pre-school was very expensive, he was a smart boy so I want for him the best education, and being Daniel's ex wife helped me to put him in a very good school, but it was also expensive so all my money went to the payment of education bills.

I almost used all my saving that I have from my inheritance, yes my grand father had money and as his only grand daughter he gave me his money, so now I need to do something. But as much I tried to focus on my dilemma I can't chase that night out of my head.

~~~Flash back~~~

Please let me in, I want to see my son, please. He pleaded so much that there was no room for objection. I let him in, he was tired and defeated. "Do you want to tell him a story?"
 I didn't know why I said that, maybe because the guilt or sympathy. He looked at me with wide eyes not believing what he heard. I gave him a small smile and show him the way to Brayden's room.

After all he deserves to at least spend sometime with his son. No matter what he is his father and I can't change that, besides Brayden need fatherly figure in his life "What's his name?" I knew what he meant by his question so I answered it calmly "Brayden Clark". He looked at me astonished then said "Thank you". I know that meant a lot to him. At Brayden's room he looked at me but didn't say a word then hesitantly opened the door.

Brayden was in his bed waiting for me, he was a little surprised when he saw Daniel. "U-Uh hi body" Daniel stuttered "Dad?" Daniel was taken aback he didn't imagine that I will tell my son the truth. He looked at me with question in his eyes "Yes I told him, go now". He walked in, and sat next to him, he was a little nervous, but Brayden washed it away. In five minutes they was laughing as old friends. The sight make my heart skip a beat, I was happy but then again hurt, we could be right now a happy family the three of us.

But for some reason he ruined everything, and hurt me, and now we are broken, the two of us. A small tear escaped my eye, I wiped her immediately, and went to the kitchen. After half hour Daniel came to me and said "Thank you a lot you did a good job raising him, but from now on I want to participated in his life" And he walked away. I blinked few times not understanding what just happened and went to sleep.

                                                                                                                                end of flash back

I shook my head I need to focus on my problems and not over-think what got over him. But the more I try to ignore the more painfully it hits me, his sad eyes his broken voice.

No I should stop, I should stop. I stood and walked away. When I came home, I noticed an envelop at my door. I took him and opened the door. I sat in the kitchen and opened the letter "Mm Rosie we summon you to the court to look in your case about the custody of Brayden Clark".

I didn't realize that in split of seconds your life can turn upside down. But what hurted me the most was that I again trusted Daniel and he betrayed me. He want to take my son away. He wanted peace, Oh how stupid I was to actually believing him. Well I will give him a hell of a peace. Just wait for me Daniel Clark.

sry guys for late update but I had lots of projects.

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