In a blink of an eye

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~~~ Daniel's POV~~~

"I don't care if you think I'm a nightmare or a dream, as long as I'm yours it's ok with me"

I kept repeating those words in my head as I pulled her behind me. I really didn't know where I was taking her. All that mattered to me was that she is in my hands now, and everything else could go to hell.

I didn't know why, but I was now in the park with her, near our bench, I took a sit and pulled her in my lap, she squeaked like a school girl, well a drunk Rose was always my favorite. I looked in her green eyes and was lost.

No words were spoken, and no words were needed, her eyes told me everything even if she lost her memories about me, her eyes still remembered me.

"Oh the park, Daniel why did you bring me here?" I was chocked, did she just remembered our place?

"D-Do y-you remember??" I whispered, she looked in my eyes and a mischievous giggle escaped her lips.

"You mean our special place?? yes and no. Yes I feel something when you brought me here with you even when I came alone my heart races; But no I don't remember being here with you even if I feel it."

I was lost at words, I didn't know what to say, and then for an instant I felt that I stopped breathing when all of a sudden she placed a kiss at the corner of my mouth.

I met her gaze, and those green orbs burned my soul mercilessly turning it to ashe. "Why?"

"Why what?? why I kissed you?"

"No, why you missed my lips?"

"Because you hate it when I do it, and yes I remembered that, I don't know why but it just came in my head."

I pulled her closer to me and whispered against her lips " Don't play with fire"

"Or what??" God this women pushed all my buttons, she mastered driving me crazy, I looked in her eyes "You. Will. Get. Burn" I said each word as I kissed the contour of her lips without really kissing her.

She pulled away and laughed from her heart, I understood now how much I missed those moments. "I love you" I couldn't stop myself from saying those words, but her answer hit me hard. " And I love you, memory or no I can't stop thinking about you, my son is a spitting image of you, it's really hard not to do, but I don't remember, our love, it's like it's here and not".

Her drunk explanation was crazy and not logical but some how I understood. "Then just for now let pretend that it's here, our love, cause I'm sure that mine is enough for both of us even if yours is just pretending." I pulled her closer I wanted to taste her lips finally, but before I could do it she pulled away.

" No I don't want to pretend, work for it, our love, bring it back."

"Your wishes are my command."

"You know that I'm very impassioned person."

"Don't worry, it will happen in a blink of an eye."

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