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I know it took me forever to update, but I just finished my exams and decided to take a little break. So it will be Daniel's version of the story, as my friend asked me to write his POV, so
Enjoy, I wrote it extra long. And Merry Christmas to all of you.

"Love is a untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.''

                                                                                                                 _Paulo Coelho

~~~~~~~~Daniel's POV~~~~~~~

It was just another meeting, about some project that I couldn't care less, I was out of my mind, my headache was killing me, I woke up after a nightmare; those teary green eyes hunted my dreams for a year after the divorce, and yesterday again I saw the same dream. I was frustrated, why again? didn't she done enough??

 I told my PA to cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day. I need to clear my head, it was a torture to think about her, she was nothing to me, and should stay that way.

I was walking in the park, thinking, about nothing in particular, enjoying the silence and being alone. I don't know why my legs brings me to that tree to that bench. It was already too painful to remember all those moments with her, here. I wanted so many time to burn this place to ashes, to erase this place from my memory, but, no matter how much I tried it was just too deep in my heart.

I took a deep breath, and then raised my sight, and...

She was there.

Sitting on the bench with closed eyes crying in silence. I felt happy, relived, seeing her after five years, beautiful as ever and hurt. Yes I was happy that she was in pain, it was as a cure to me, because it was a prove that she was suffering all those years. She catches my sight and froze. Her teary green eyes locked with mine black, and the time stopped for me,there was no one but us for me, pain, hurt and then fear, that's what her body told me. I walked towards her but she run. She ran away from me.

Well I couldn't expect a warm hug after what happened between us, was I?? A phone call snapped me out of my bubble. "Hello man, how're you doing?''

"Nick is that you??" I asked not believing my ears, and just like that I forgot what happened seconds ago. "No it's your grandma, want to know where she putted her glasses" he replied sarcastically, Sharpe tong as always. " Man it's been ages since I last time heard your voice, how are you?"

"well you can now see my beautiful face also, I'm home and I invite you to my home coming party, I'm waiting you ok, should go now, oh I forgot wear a mask" he hang off the call. Well I guess I have a party to go and a night to refresh.

At the party.

I was bored out of my mind, all those fake chicks were so sophisticated that I wanted to vomit, they flirted with me padding their fake eye lashes thinking that they can attract anyone like that. And then someone on the dance floor catshed my sight. She was gorgeous, moved with every bit gradually, her skinny jeans hugged her hips perfectly and her shirt and cardigan enveloped her magically, and her brown hair cascade a little bit lower her shoulders. She was stunning I couldn't take my eyes off of her as I'm sure all the men also. And I didn't like that. Suddenly I remembered that body, those moves, I looked closer, yes it's her, It's Rosie, My Rosie,I can identify her body with closed eyes, and even we are not together I didn't like the thought of other male looking at her. So I decided to claim what's mine and show others that she's out the hook.

We danced to the bit. I was drowning in her and with her, I know she didn't realize that it was me, so I took what I can for now. And then she turned and locked her gaze with mine, and froze, for the second time, first her eyes were searching for something in mine and then the realization hits her, it was me. Her eyes widened and she stepped back. I wanted to say Hi but then Nick came. "Rosie, finally I found you!!! I guess my friend found you first, so I lost my kiss". I tensed, they know each other, a kiss, over my dead body she's mine. I was about to ask her, but Nick invited her to play some stupid game, as always, Nick and his games, and she walked with him.

I couldn't breath, she can't move on, she have to suffer, like me. And I'm sure that I will do everything for that.

They played and played, I couldn't take my eyes off of her, I watched her every move, and then some dump head asked her if she ever had something to say and couldn't or hadn't have the courage. And she sang, her voice was angelic, her green eyes looked at me, and me only,as she sang a tear escaped her eyes and run down her cheek. I remembered that night when I came and put an end to us, I closed my eyes and a flash back.

I came back home late, all day I was thinking, what to do?, my mind refused to accept those photos, I needed answers but when I saw her eyes her lips I remembered how she looked at that ass and that she kissed him. Rosie came and hugged me, and asked how was my day, but I couldn't even look at her, I was disgusted by me by her, she was my everything, my first, and she cheated on me, in my house in our bed. I walked and sat on the couch, she tried to sit close to me but I moved. " Chocolate cake I have a surprise for you"

"well me too"

"Really!!! you first then"

"I want you out of my life"


"I don't want you anymore, you're useless and a shame for me, we can't be together, we were a mistake". And just like that I walked away, leaving her stunned in the room.

When I opened my eyes she stopped singing and looked in my eyes, I felt the cold that played now in them, something in her died when she said those words, and I knew that those are the words that I didn't gave her the chance to say them.But now it was over. Everything was over.

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