Maybe for the best

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Guys I changed Rosie's actress I think Kristin Kreuk is more suitable for Rosie's personality

The week passed fast, in an eye blink it was Friday already; I was panicking about my dress, I didn't have a proper one. And as I was drowning in my misery the door bell rang, I waked and opened it, it was Kate. "I know what you will say, Kate you're my savior".

"Uh- and why exactly should I say that??"

" because I have your dress I will do your make up and hair, and my mom will take care of Brayden" she said in a duh tone. All I could do is "O". "Yes I know I'm awesome" she giggled like a teenager girl and walked inside. After two hours she was done with everything, a huge smile bloom on her lips as she looked at me in approval. "OK let's rock" she said and took my hand.

We arrived to the party late, it was Kate's idea to arrive late, she thinks that we will attract this way more attention and I can find someone who will help me forget you know who. She left me to bring something to drink, and I take it as a chance to get lost in the crowd. I accidentally bumped on someone, and on top of it he spilled his drink on his shirt, "Oh my god I'm really sorry"

I look a his shirt and thought 'how clumsy am I'.

" That's ok don't worry" and he met my gaze, my heart froze he was breath taking,his stormy gray eyes his jaw his plumb lips his breath taking smile and sculptured body. his shirt hugged his torso in all right places showing his hard muscles. 'Rose stop, what are you doing it's wrong' I slapped myself in my mind. After I finished checking him out I noticed that he did the same to me, and a devious smirk crossed his lips, I knew that he saw me staring at him and I immediately turned into a tomato.

"oh I didn't know that I can affect someone I just met in that way, you know you're beautiful, by the way I'm Nick Steven's friend and you?"

"I'm Rosie Nicole's friend". so he was Nicole's fiance friend. "Rose here you are" I turned to see Nicole smiling at me. "congratulation Nicole I'm so happy for you"

"thank you, so you met Nick, his's Steven's friend"

"yeh he just told me".

"excuse me ladies I will go find Steven, nice to meet you Rosie" and he took my hand and kissed it. I blushed, and just nodded.When he was far away and could'nt hear us Nicole said "oh Rose he likes you"

"Yeh of course and he will like me more when he will find out about me being a single mom" I said sarcastically.

"well until you try you will never know" and she walked away.

The evening went smoothly I really enjoyed my time and had fun. I forgot when was the last time I laughed from my heart, and that's was thank to Nick, we danced and talked all night, I realized that I was comfortable around him, it was easy to be with him, I just could be myself around him and HAPPY.

"Nick thank you for this wonderful evening but I have to go now"

"but why? the night is still young"

"well tomorrow Brayden has..." I stopped in shock as I realized that I said to much. "Sorry I have to go" and I run away from him.

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