just one last dance

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Finally I updated, I really want to thank all my fans for their support. I'm sorry that I didn't update for so long,  well now I did so enjoy...

plz play the song " Just one last dance" Sarah Conner when they dance.

It's not the break up that hurts most.

It's the post trauma that follows it.

It's waking up  and checking up your cellphone

for the message that isn't there.

It's like starting your life all over again and

you have no idea where to begin at all.

It was a dream came true, my own piece of heaven on earth. Finally my family was completed. My heart finally was at peace. I let all my walls down, Daniel managed to put all my broken pieces together. And I believed that it was my happy ending.

How wrong I was...

Two months, my heaven last only for two months. Everything started with some paper missing here and there, Daniel's partner suddenly refused some projects, gossips spread like a plug that his firm was at the verge of bankruptcy.

Daniel tried to hide it, to act like it didn't affected him, that he was ok and everything was under control. But I knew better, he was worried his dreams was falling apart in front of him. Everything he worked hard to built was crushing down.

Like someone planned it. He acted indifferent, but it was all over his face, he was tired even if he said that it didn't matter, all he cared about is me and his son. We were his priority now, but he can't hide his pain from me I know he would come with something but it's hard when someone was spreading all those roomers.

And then it all clicked, only one person would be able to put it all together, Vanessa, it all was her doing, but why would she ruin her son she hated me not him. So I did the only thing that I thought was right and that I will regret it after, I dialed her number.

" I was waiting your call"

" Where do you want to meet?"

"At the park near the fountain"


Thirty minutes later I was at the park, my heart was beating hundreds miles per second, I knew that I was doing the right thing but deep down I felt that it was wrong and that I should turn around and leave but when I ever listened to that little voice in my head?

"You came, I thought you wouldn't"

"Cut the crap and say what you want to leave me and Daniel alone"

"Oh darling I don't think you understand your situation correctly, you play by my rules now and you will do what I want, and what I want is YOU TO DISAPPEAR"

"And if I say no"

"I will do everything in my power to make him hate you, you think he doesn't know what's happening and why? You think he will forgive you after he loses everything.

" I trust Daniel and whatever you do, you can't do as apart look what happened with your previous plan"

"Maybe not immediately, but what will happen with time when he reach the bottom, when he will feel himself useless when day after day he will see you as a reminder of his failure."

" Stop, how can you be so cruel to your own flesh and blood"

"I do what is in the best interest of my son, so what do you say?"

" I..."

~~~Daniel's POV~~~

Everything was crushing down I know that it's my mother's doing she want me to chose between my company and Rose but she should know me better, I won't lose her again. I will always chose her, and prove my mother that Rose will do the same for me.

I went home really tired after a day fool of meetings and arguments. It was dark and quit, too quit "Rose I'm home, Brayden where are you?" In return was only silence I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the table " You pulled all my pieces together, brook all my walls, and stole my heart again, and I'm ready to give you what is rightfully yours at last, where it's all started it will end and start anew."

Well to say that I was stunned will be nothing, I really didn't know how to understand her message, she gives me so many mixed signals that I'm afraid sometimes to assume things that are not there.

Well no pain no gain right?? I took my keys and went to the place were we started "the club".

It was crowded, dim light and bodies moving with the crazy rhythm. It was practically  impossible to find someone here. However I tried to find that one and only.

I was so focused on scanning the area to find her that I didn't noticed until I bumped into someone. I quickly started apologizing not looking into that person until I heard her voice. I know it was impossible to hear anything in this noise but still I could hear her.

And it all happened like in the first time, just looking into her eyes I knew that I will do anything for her.



"I was waiting for you, I was a bit afraid that you wouldn't understand my message"

''Well I didn't, I'm afraid to understand it but either ways I will always come after you no matter where you are". For some seconds pain flushed in her green orbs but she covered it as fast as it appeared.

"Let's dance" and she leaded me to the dance floor. Suddenly the song changed and just one last dance was on. She smiled and pulled me closer to her. I wrapped my hands around her waist and we danced.

 I looked in her eyes as we swayed to the music, so many emotions where expressed with our eyes. No words were needed. Her breath was mine, her heart beat was my serenade, I pulled her closer to me as I felt every part of her body was against mine. It was a bliss never once we brook eye contact.

I leaned closer to her drunk by her aroma, by her body heat, it was doing funny things to me and before I finally claimed her soft lips she whispered those magical words that I was dying to hear "You understood me right, for tonight I want to be yours" I didn't ask her what she meant by 'for tonight' it can wait, for now I want to burn in this passion with her.

The next morning I rolled in bed still asleep searching for my Rose but I found an empty bed, I smiled she probably is down preparing the breakfast, she always was an early riser.

I get up and went to the bathroom to do my morning routine, I looked in the mirror and saw that I was grinning like a teenage boy, well who can blame me. When I finished and went back to the room I noticed that it was quit around too quit and I noticed that there was a small paper near my phone.

In a blink of an eye my world collapsed "Once upon a time I fell in LOVE with the wrong person, don't chase me".

Don't hate me, so guys it's the last chapter the next update will be the epilogue, I need your votes and comments to update faster, feel free to suggest an ending. Also I will start a new story " My not so gay fiancee" I will publish it next month :)

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