Can't forget

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When I arrived home it was past midnight, I walked into Brayden's room kissed his cheek and went out. "Thank you Nicole for watching him" It was my best friend, I owed her my life literally; when Daniel divorced me, I was in a deep depression, I stopped eat and go outside, even I tried to suicide, and then Nicole and Kate brought me back to life.

"You're welcome, oh Rosie this Friday I will celebrate my engagement, and no but I want you to be there ok, love ya." I couldn't even reply she stormed out the house, I smiled she was always in a rush.

I walked into my room and as soon as I laid my head on the pillow I fall asleep.

I was running in a tunnel as my tears fall down, it was dark and scary and cold. I tried to run faster but there was only a darkness and pain, suddenly I heard his voice calling with so much love that my heart ached for him and I saw a light at the end and...... Beep Beep Beep. It was the alarm, and another day start, I felt strange, that something was different, and then I thought 'maybe because I didn't cry last time as I did for the past five years?'

I was about to go wake Brayden when he stormed into my room "Mooomyyyyyy".

"What's up chocolate cake?"

"Mom I'm a grown man, you can't call me chocolate cake" and he added an angry glare to make his point, I laughed and rise my hands in surrounded "peace?" he cheekily tapped his chin for a few seconds before flashing me a dimpled grin and running into my arms. I noted that he already had a bit of his father's flirty traits.

 I dropped Brayden at the kindergarten and went to work. I worked at a small dinner, it was managed by an old lady that I love, she always helped me, specially when she knew I was a single mom, so I had a little more freedom to leave when it was necessary; but her son was unbearable, he always tried to touch me in unappropriated ways, I really was scary to stay with him alone in a room, and I was afraid to tell anybody because I really need this job, besides no one will believe me.

"So dear how are you? I can see a color on your face, is there something new in your life?" the owner lady asked me. "No, there's nothing at all, but.."

"but what?" her eyes lit like candles " nothing important actually important but not to much maybe a little"

"Can you just tell me like it is?"

"Brayden every day became more like his father Daniel, he also hate when I call him chocolate cake" I smiled as I remembered this morning; "he acts like he's a growing man, today before I dropped him he said that I was more beautiful when I smile, and he will protect my smile" and a small tear run down my cheek. " Daniel once told me that, I heard his voice in my dream, calling me, but when I was close I woke up"

"Honey don't push yourself, it's ok if you still love him, don't resist it will cause you pain just go with the flow."

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