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~~~Daniel's POV~~~

Tik Tak.. Tik Tak.. one second, two seconds, one minute, one hour, one day, one month, Tik Tak...

Time flew and took away with it my hope, with every passing second I was drifting away from my Rose, she just disappeared in the morning, like a fog leaving just an empty bed behind her.

I couldn't understand what went wrong and why she left and left behind this stupid letter. And of course my lovely mother was as if she knew that this will happen.

flash back

" I told you son that she is not good for you, she will leave you but no you were stubborn, you thought that she loved you, that she was the one, well sorry to crash your happy bubble, there's no such a thing as "the one" it's a big lie."

Suddenly, my office's door flew open and Nick entered breaking my line of thoughts. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't react. One moment I was sitting and the other I was pressed against the wall. "You are pathetic you know, here you are having a pity party for yourself while she is out there waiting for you".

I saw red and pushed Nick away "Waiting for me? Are you kidding, she is not waiting for me, she was the one who left leaving that stupid letter. She tricked me giving me the best night of my life only to take it away latter. She doesn't love me, she doesn't want me."

My voice was barely a whisper at the end all my anger disappeared and only an emptiness remain. "I thought you were smarter then that, you really think that she would leave, just like that, without any reason?! I know for a fact that she loves you more than life itself, so don't you dare give up now, not when you finally got her. You two went through so much don't give up now."

~~~month ago~~~

Rosie's POV

"Stop how can you be so cruel to your own flesh and blood"

"I do what is in the best interest of my son, so what do you say?"
" I choose Daniel and always will, I don't care what you will do I know that we are stronger together and whatever you throw in our way we will get over it.

"Oh honey, it will be my pleasure to prove you wrong, how about we play it this way, you will spend tomorrow night with him and in the morning you will leave him leaving behind this letter and I will give you one month, if he trust you he will go after you, but if he don't then you WILL disappear from our lives."

" You will never win, I trust in us, I gave us one more chance and I know that he will never give up on us again."

~~~Present time~~~

Two days, only two days left to hit the final mark, with every passing day I started to lose hope, she can't win, I have to trust in Daniel, I trust in him and I know that he won't waist our happiness this time.

I hope...

I looked at tickets that were in my hands, that monster send them yesterday with a letter saying " two more days and you will be out of our lives, can't wait". Drained from all emotions I went sleep. Well I tried but in vain. I looked at the clock it was 2 am, I went to bring a glass of water, filling it and bringing it to my lips it slipped and shattered to million pieces.

And I brook in tears, sinking to the floor I brought my legs close to my chest and cried my heart out. I'm losing him, I can feel it and what scared me more was that I started to lose faith in Daniel and our chance to be together.

~~~2 days later~~~

Daniel's POV

I don't remember when I last time slept our eat, whom am I kidding I can't function without my Rose. That night played in my head every day and night I don't know what went wrong and why she left, maybe nothing went wrong but why did she left me???

I shook my head, I'm losing my mind from overthinking maybe that night meant nothing to her, but then again why put that show? for what?

Suddenly my phone rang, it was a private number I knew immediately that it was the private investigator I hired to find her. Yes I was that despaired. "Hello did you find her?"

"Hello Daniel, strict to the point are we? Well yeah I found her and I don't know how to break this news, you won't like it"

" Is she with someone else??" I asked thought my heart squeezed painfully.

"No she is not, but her plane is in one hour".

"What? where is she going? you know doesn't matter I'm going after her."

"Good luck".

I stormed out the office like a made man, I don't care if I have to drag her against her will but I will be damned if I let her go again even if that meant to chain her to bed.

I looked at my watch, damn with this traffic it will be impossible to arrive on time. So I did the only logical thing I left my car and run. Anyway it wasn't that far, and at this point I didn't care if I have to run miles.

~~~Rosie's POV~~~

I looked at the watch and with every passing second I felt the weight on my heart grew bigger, tears rolled on their own, I looked at a sleeping Brayden and cried harder. That's it I lost.

I heard again our call, I waited to the last call hoping that Daniel will show up, but nothing happened. I stood and went to our gate looking every five seconds back maybe he will storm in.


I was at passport control when I heard shooting from afar I looked back and was shocked on what I saw, Daniel he came, he was running looking like a made man shooting to everyone to get out of his way.

I froze in my place not believing my eyes. He was flashed red with some sweat drops on his forehead but still he was beautiful. I didn't notice when he came near me and took me in his arms.

I couldn't hug him back, I was shocked, my tears run down my cheeks on their own and I brook in his arms. My arms moved slowly and I hugged him closer to me and whispered "Thank god, you came after me." He pulled away and looked in my teary eyes "I will never stop chasing you"

A smile broke it's way on my lips and I crushed my lips against his in a passionate kiss he brook it and took a step away. I didn't understand what happened and stepped closer but again he took one away. I started to panic.

" Rose this month was a hell for me, you left me with a stupid letter after giving me the best night of my life I want to know why I deserve to know the.."

I cut him placing a kiss on his lips "I will tell you everything you want". Brayden moved a little and Daniel took him in his hands "Well that was easy, now for the hard part". My eyes widened when he dropped to one knee with brayden in his arms and opened a small box with a yellow plastic ring, the same ring from our date under the rain.

" I found it in our room, and I knew that it was a sign we are two haves of one soul, I love you more then life itself so you have to marry me again because I really don't have a problem dragging you screaming and kicking to the altar."

I laughed from my heart it was the strangest and sweetest propose ever. "Well in that case I don't have a choice rather then say YES"

"Yes you don't." he slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me, caging a sleeping Brayden between us. Well he was a heavy sleeper.

In the end there is a happy end.

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