And to the hell and back again...

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Sometimes to reach heaven you have to walk through hell itself...

 It's been a week since our talk with Nick. In this week we became close, he helped me forget for a while my pain, and my fear from the coming future.

Today was the first audience in the court, to say I was scared will be nothing. Kate and Nicole came from early morning to support me. Brayden was at school and I asked him to stay at his friend's house.

With each minutes I felt how the tension built in the room. Thanks to Nick I have a good layer, it set my mind at ease but not completely, in an hour I would walk into my personal HELL.

I felt as my lungs burned with each air supply, I knew that everything will start now.

The judge was a women so I thought it will be easier to convince her. God how wrong I was. First twenty minutes were bearable but then to hear that your ex husband accuse you on stealing his son, not telling him about my pregnancy. And then his lawyer asked me the one forbidden question that added oil to already growing fire. " Miss Steal I looked in your medical history you suffered from a heavy depression in the past, how is it now?"

"My depression is not your concern Sir."

"Well you are wrong Miss, as you can see my client is worry that a women with suicidal attempt is raising his child, your highness I think that this women can't take a good care of a child."

"W-What?? Daniel is that true?? You think that? you know it's a low blow even for you." I shouted at him.

"Well what do you want from me? How do you think I felt when I heard about that !! How could you try and hurt yourself? And not only you but carrying my child inside your womb it makes it worst. How can I trust you?"

" Are you kidding me Daniel?"

"I demand quit from both sides." The judge said, but I was way to angry to just sit quit.

" TRUST?? you are who talking about trust? IT WAS YOU WHO BETRAYED FIRST Daniel not me. It was YOU. You throw me out your life like I was nothing to you, I was your wife for heavens sake? but did it stopped you? No; do you remember what you said to me Daniel Uh? well I will remind you I want you out of my life, you're useless and a shame for me, we can't be together WE WERE A MISTAKE. You rejected me, throw me away. Do you know what I wanted to tell you? I was pregnant, that was my surprise but you said I was a mistake we were a mistake that means that to you our baby was a mistake too. I couldn't let you know, you lost that right when you said we were a mistake."

A single tear run down my cheek, I whipped it with the back of my hand, I looked at the judge and said calmly " yes your highness I try to kill myself back then, I lost the love of my life and then my mother passed away, it was hell for me, I was left alone. It's common due to hormonal changes to be unstable in critical situation. But believe me I'm fine now,I'm a good mother and I take care of my child. For five years I managed to look after him on my own and I could manage doing this just fine in the future."

And then again that annoying lawyer opened his mouth again " your highness, my client has evidence that she is currently at a loose end, how can she take care of the child, while his father can provide him with the best conditions school and everything."

"Your highness I object my client found a job recently, and if Mr Daniel is so eager to take part in his son's life he can pay for his education's bills. Also I can see that the other side accented that my client had and I emphasize had problems,but as we can see she proved that she had taken good care of her child, in the files you can see that the boy is healthy and very developed to his age, she put him in one of the best pre-school in country, also we have to take notice that she didn't try and distortion his fathere's figure and she let gave her child his last name." My lawyer said.

"Yeah maybe she did but now she don't let me even near my son and I have as much rights as her if not more, and really Rose you will talk about betraying, well I will tell you something you cheated on me in the first place, in our house, in our bed with my best friend, it was you who throw us away not me, I noticed how you was looking at him, I saw the photos, and I'm not stupid I can make two plus two; my mother was right about you and now too, what kind of example are you giving my son?"

I couldn't believe my ears did he just say that? and the question left my lips as a whisper "what did you just said".

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