My new passion project

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So I have a new project now. And I literally think I'm insane but it's gonna happen. I'm gonna do it.

Ok so here's the plan:

Since I have skills as a teacher, or so I think, I'm going to use them.

I'm going to make a creative inquiry (research group for students that gives credit hours) to pull my GPA up. And that creative inquiry is going to be making circuits videos and practice materials for people to understand the subject better.

Since I have to make a script for the videos, what I'm going to do is take that material, and turn it into a textbook.

And then my circuits partner (I guess he's my business partner now?), Drew, and I are going to approach Dr. Harrell with our textbook. And we're going to make Dr. Harrell solve the problems to check our answers since like we're not grad students and we're also doing this. We'll also make him revise our work since I want to put his name on the textbook.

Then we're going to hand our textbook to my accounting friend who knows nothing about electric circuits and see if he can learn how to do circuits from our textbook.

And then we're going to go and try to get it published. And I'm going to make money off my circuits love.

So yeah! I'm making a textbook. And I'm going to get my PhD and become a professor.

I'm a little bit insane, but I've never felt so just driven to do something. It literally feels like the feeling when you know that you've finally got a story that's come together. I mean I love to teach, I genuinely think this material will help people, I'm a writer, and I could do this for a living. It literally feels perfect.

I've already drafted an email to the primary ECE advisor about making a CI. I played it off as "oh I'm making circuits YouTube videos". But this material is something I know I can give to people.

I may not have the skill set to be an engineer, but I do have the skill set to make engineering accessible. Since most engineers really don't know how to communicate things to others, it makes it very difficult to read our textbooks. And I want to fix that.  I'm going to try my hardest to make sure that students are taken care of, that they have someone who can foster their passion for this lovely and amazing subject.

Circuits may just be wires and components, but I love those wires.

Drew and I are gonna do this. We're gonna write a textbook and make circuits materials...and we are going to make a difference. And it's gonna be amazing.

I feel INSANE right now.

Like I literally think I'm nuts. I kinda think I am not gonna lie. But I want to do it. It may take me years, but I will do it. Because I'm an electrical engineer :)

The funny thing is, is that even if Drew and I don't get published, I know my textbook will stay with me wherever I teach, and within the department since I'm going to make them take it.

And honestly I know that 3/4 people are on board with it. This is from my accounting friend when I told him about everything:

 This is from my accounting friend when I told him about everything:

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