Please don't hold your phone to your ear

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Hey y'all. It's Blue with a tag and some actual advice from an EE about how to best avoid ear cancer.

Basically, when your cellphone is ringing, and trying to page the cell tower to call someone else, have it on speaker. In order to actually reach a cell tower your phone emits powerful EM waves from it (or so my boss has told me), and when you hold your phone up to your ear while it's paging the tower, those waves go through your ear and head. EM waves, as cool as they are (they give us the visible light spectrum, x-rays, and even radio and microwaves), should not be going through your ears.

Wooooo, that's my ECE PSA for the day. Maybe next time I'll tell you about how the power company is actually ripping you off in a sense.

Anyhoo, I've been tagged. And I used the tag to give you useful information. But I still have to do the tag part so here. I've been tagged by a few people :

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So yeah, 13 facts about mwah (as if y'all haven't heard enough)

1. I'm a certified scuba diver. Pretty sure I've said this before, but sometimes people forget/or just miss it so here we are. I'm NASE certified and I like to look at underwater critters. Lion fish scare me, sharks do not. Also, my discord logo is the dive flag.

2. I'm Catholic. Someone had the fact they were Christian in one of their other posts and I thought I might share this tidbit, since my faith is important to me and helps drive my motivations. I don't really share it as often as I should, but hey, here we are.

3. While this is my longest running account, it is not my first one here on wattpad. Spooky spooky right? I used to play pranks with my other one. Now, I barely have enough free time to write a short story.

4. I'm a fan of LoZ, Ace Attorney, and Pokemon obviously. However, most people don't know that I play a lot of this game called stardew valley. If you want to hear a real story about fanfiction, go see about the dev who made that. Imagine being so frustrated with a game that you make your own and then are internationally (?) successful. Kind of like 50 shades of grey but for video games I guess?

5. I'm a really picky eater with a very diverse love of food. Melts your brain right? I love dishes from all around the world, but I don't eat fish, seafood, or strong kinds of curry. So, what I do eat is very strange and specialized. Pad Thai is my favorite food, by the way.

6. I'm seriously into photography. I've been hauling around cameras and editing photos for as long as I remember. Though, the hobby has died down a bit.

7. I also really like baking. Yes, there is a difference between cooking and baking. Let me make you a pastry. I'd do it for you any day just to try making it. Cooking meat or vegetables though? Not my strong suit. I believe baking is chemistry and cooking, well, it's like chemistry without the measurements so yeah.

8. I know how to brew beer. I've actually made my own batches before.

9. I really, really like chemsitry. Most people despise it as a subject, but sometimes when the ECE inside of me is asleep, my inner chemist rolls her head around and decides to greet me. I can recite a bunch of elements from the periodic table and tell you about certain industrial chemical processes. Like how we make Aluminium for example. (Which, if you're curious, I pronounce it like the British)

10. I used to do archery, like Katniss Everdeen. I was pretty bad at it, managed to snap my bow in half one day just by drawing the string back, but I lived to shoot. I also like shooting guns. You really should try it sometime :)

11. I have a music nerd side y'all don't know about. I used to play the flute, and as part of my music courses had to learn about the history of music. I used to be really good at identifying pieces based of the sound, and still can remember some of that stuff. But talk to me about certain music topics and we can nerd out together. I also like the theater. My grandparents had season tickets to the theater and symphony and I would get dressed up and go with them.

12. I'm about as old fashioned as old fashioned can be. Tradition is important to me. I think it's something that comes from being abroad and seeing other cultures. The people of lasting empires, while they change, they also stay the same in very core aspects. I try to emulate that too.

13. As much as I love electrical engineering, it's extremely hard on me. I don't always like to admit this fact, but even with my level of enthusiasm, it weighs on the soul the same way that the world weighed on Atlas. I would never trade it for the world, but it's a lot. Doesn't mean I love it any less though. I think that the struggle and the difficulty is what makes it worthwhile.

Any who thanks for reading, hopefully you learned something. I tag



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