Acid tripping glitchpad

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Hey guys, so I'm alright now...been wanting to say that for a few days actually but something came up.

Essentially, wattpad's security was compromised on the dark web, which is why they're doing this dumb forced password reset thing.

Anyways, for those of us who are very, very old users with very, very old accounts that aren't tied to our personal emails...

Well, someone may have forgotten the password for her wattpad email and got locked out for a few days...

Yeah. Don't we all just love technology?

Honestly guys, even though I'm an EE doesn't mean I'm good with it or I think technology is always the best for human use. Then again, what else can I say? I use it all the time as well.

Just to tell y'all I'm alright though, I had a mutiny day on Thursday where I went and bought Pad Thai and bought new video games. On Friday I pretty much vegetated the entire day. Saturday was really stressful, because my mother decided she wanted to get a new dog so we went to the pet store and I had to be the one to take care of her. But Sunday I met up with a very, very lovely friend and we hung out and I didn't give a fuck about my diet when I got me some ice cream. I also went over to my grandparents which was nice.

But of course, yesterday was the highlight with the mind numbing amount of circuits I did. Like I did 12 hours worth and while exhausting, it was absolutely great at the same time.

And yeah, today I'm finally back in my account. Which, honestly I didn't think a website could trip acid but here you go, see for yourself:

 Which, honestly I didn't think a website could trip acid but here you go, see for yourself:

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Besides that, feels good to be back. I hope you all are doing well


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