Summer Internships (ft. toxic parents)

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Hey y'all, 

It's been a long time since I've said anything on here. Honestly, things have been really, really busy lately. I know I say that every semester, but things have just been tough in general I guess. I'm going through a lot so I guess I wanted to just fill you guys in on what is going on 

This is the week after spring break and I'm back in the Clemson area. This week I had an extraordinarily difficult test in power engineering. I legit studied for it for four days straight and only began to understand what the actual fuck I was learning on the day of the exam. It was a super hard exam and like there were questions that we had never seen and/or worked with on it. And I was lucky with how much work I had this week. My classmates had an awful take home exam that legit my best friend had like 17 pages of work for and had one problem which took him 3 hours to do. They also had a microcontrollers test. I got away lucky by having only my power exam and an accounting exam, but like it's a lot. 

To be honest, my power class is something I have such mixed feelings about. It is like the bane of my existence this semester because I put so much work into it. I legit get dread for the upcoming week every Sunday because I dread the 30 question homework we get every week. I like actually kind of low key hate how much I have to do. It's awful and it causes me an unbearable amount of stress, even when it's only just one class. 

But this isn't about that. This is about my internship opportunities and the state of my home life right now. Some of you have heard about this, others have not. But I figured I would talk about the situation at hand.

So, like I said before, spring break was last week. And of course, that meant I was home for a week, which as you guys know, can be incredibly toxic for me. 

When I went home my family decided they were going to be nice and give me food  and my birthday gifts when I first got back. Nothing too bad, right? Then we had a German style grill party with my grandparents so they could see me and kind of celebrate my birthday. 

And I guess that was kind of how it started. I told my family that I had to do a report for microcontrollers and my father got upset with me and told me that I was avoiding going out on a walk with him and stuff. And I just was like, it's important for me to get this report done and I'm sure the grandparents are going to want to give me wine and I'm going to want to drink it so I want to do it now. Needless to say I didn't get the report done and I was forced to go on a walk instead in the pollen, which in case y'all didn't know I am asthmatic and I'm extraordinarily allergic to pine pollen and grass pollen (which in Charleston the pollen levels are nuts, which is where my family is) there. And then I ended up getting fussed at when I was trying to get my report done. 

This, by the way, is Charleston's pollen index for this week alone: 

When it's in the red or the orange, which pretty much every day I was home it's really bad for me to be outside

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When it's in the red or the orange, which pretty much every day I was home it's really bad for me to be outside. I start wheezing, my eyes itch and water, and I start sneezing. Every semester (fall and spring) when there's any form of pollen or something coming from pine I get hay fever cough. For those who don't know, it's non-contagious, but it's essentially your allergies flipping you the bird. The wheezing in your throat from irritants and the mucus coming down from your nose being blocked up turns into a post nasal drip cough. Typically it lasts me a month and a half on average. Which, as you can imagine, in a world where everyone is scared of getting any form of illness is trippy. Because I'm scared I'm going to get a cough and people won't let me into buildings because they think I have covid. 

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