The cubicle part 2

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Those of you who read part one know what's coming in this entry...

That's right, it's more death by studying...

And I think I actually want to die (I don't for real, but like it's really rough)

This is my to-do list

I'm taking a chill break to read before I exposed

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I'm taking a chill break to read before I exposed.

But of course, I'm stressed about reading some of the books in my category...because I picked before they merged and I try not to read so I don't have expectations.

Because expectations are bad.

Anyways StreetRacer-Sam I'm curious, how bad are you dying from finals? Cause like, I'm going to be dying for three weeks instead of just one.

So yeah, time to go read. I'll give you guys insanity updates as I go on...

Have a nice day



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