Why did he do this

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Lol so last night, I'm doing my famous "stay up until midnight just because" thing. Like, I swear, every day my sleeping time just gets later and later.

And in the middle of a important conversation friggin Bennett pulls me out of a conversation to help look over his 8 page paper for mission design that's due in about an hour. It takes 40 minutes to go over with a fine toothed comb.

And then I read over it again in like a 10 min scan.

Then, this boi complains about his project group for like two minutes, and then he's like I'm going to bed. I feel so used 😂😭😂😭.

That's, of course, without acknowledging that Bennett is a very *special* human being.

Sometimes guys, I just don't understand. But oh well. I do understand his thought process. He was probably like "oh time to go to bed because I'm in at my grandparents for thanksgiving" and then he just failed to take me into consideration. Being one-track minded is a him thing.

I think I'll let him go on this. But just because I'm chastising him behind his back, lol.

To all of you who are reading this and don't know who Bennett is. He's my fabulous boy toy. And he'd get very annoyed for me saying that. But oh well, he can't stop me~

Anyways, off to the showers so I can start doing stuff for today...

Have a great day!


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