A&E on police

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So I think I'm going to talk about something pretty controversial and political for once.

Police brutality/jail reform etc...

And just wow. I have to thank the TV channel A&E for giving me some perspective...

So there's three shows that A&E has about the whole law enforcement deal.

Live PD, PD cam, and 60 Days In.

I've watched Live PD and 60 Days. And both are about totally different things.

Live PD shows police officers around the country, doing their daily job. And it gets really interesting. Sure, traffic stops are funny and stuff, but sometimes it gets tense. On a regular weekend you see threats, pretentious people, even people assaulting officers.

And it's just wow. Like my father did a job shadow with a police officer once, so I trust his opinion on it. Seeing what goes on there is worse. It's bad. It's really bad. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can have a gun and could shoot at you.

And then there's the other side of the story with 60 Days In. They put volunteers into prisons for 60 days to see flaws in the system. And hooo boy, you have no clue what the prisons are like. There's drugs, threats, and all of these bad things. Some of these people just need help. And it's bad...

Like they find a way to make shivs and stab people in he neck.

And nobody, I mean nobody, gets sunlight. They get once a week in the gym with a window. There's no yard.

It's like being in a tinder-box.

And honestly, watching both things just has my head spinning. It's like, there's so much wrong with everything. But like, I feel like it's because of drugs. People did all this stupid stuff because of drugs, were arrested, and end up inside addicted to drugs.

I'm not saying that drugs shouldn't be illegal. Oh no, it's quite the opposite.

Drugs are sooo bad and the general populace just shouldn't have them. (This is why China had several wars against Britain who was trying to forcefully sell them opium)

But like there totally has to be a better way to handle it than putting people in this place where it gets violent. How do you make people want to stop being addicted? Well, I feel like they have to hit some kind of rock bottom. And for most, prison is that rock bottom.

It's like so hard guys. I feel like the one root of this terrible, horrible cycle is because substance abuse exists...

I'm not gonna change the world or anything guys, but how do you think it's possible to make change?

Tell me what you think


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