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I may periodically update this, but I feel like I should write down why ECE is the way it is for me. I don't think I'd like this department nearly as much as I do if it wasn't for the people. Cause like, I love the subject matter, but I don't think that's enough to get you through this.

We really are one big family of engineers. Because I've been asked if I would want to do my grad school somewhere different and honestly, I wouldn't want to. Like maybe it would be cool to go research at like Georgia Tech or NC State something like that, but would it be the ECE that I know? Probably not...

You know, I'm trying to accept that it's ok to love something this much — to show interest and drive and work ethic. I mean, I'm trying to convince myself that the long hours are ok, that people won't think I'm stupid or anything for it.

But it's not just long hours to me. This is my life. It's filled with Reid's craziness, Harrell's remarks, Austin's sassiness, and Drew's support. It's a lifetime of challenges, all in 4 years (if we take a spin on my favorite speech by Admiral McRaven).

This is who I am. And I'd like to show you guys who I am, if you'll have me.

So without further ado, my favorite ECE quotes/moments:

"A female electrical engineer who speaks German? Well aren't you a rose among thorns. Apply to us in your sophomore year if you have a 3.0."

-BMW recruiter, fall 2018


"Y'all are electrical engineers, you think I expect any of you to have to have dates for valentine's day?"
- Bill Reid, spring 2019


"So if any of y'all got a bad grade on this exam, you might want to consider changing majors"

*I freak out and run to my professor's office*

"I got a bad grade, do I need to quit the major?"

"Well now let's not be so hasty, a 70 isn't a bad grade, you're just fuzzy about polarity."

"Your definition and my definition of bad grades are different."

"Clearly, I meant like 20 or 30s range."

- Harrell, spring 2019


*in the middle of an interview*

"You know, Nicole, engineering is just one big personality test."

"Well then which one am I?"

"I'm not sure yet, I don't know you well enough."

*fast forward to last day of internship*

"So do you know me well enough to tell me which engineering discipline I am?"

"It's only been the length of our internship, but I'll try —you're certainly not an IE, you're not anal enough about time management for that. And chemical, well no one should ever be chemical. Plus you're not hands on enough to be mechanical. But I wonder...perhaps an EE? Yes, actually yes, you're going to be an EE..."

-Keith McElveen, summer 2018


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