Things they dont tell you about being an engineering student

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Seriously? What is up with the amount of math I'm doing every day?

You're probably laughing at that question.

But seriously, I have 4 math classes, essentially.

You might be wondering what I take.

Physics II
Chemistry II
Calculus III
Engineering I

And German...

So yeah, I do 4 hours a day of math when it's just regular homework. This, by the way, is not including classes. And that's not during exam time.

This last week has been exam week. So I'm doing 10 hours of math plus classes.

Because your teachers still move on with class when you have a test. And then they give you homework on top of that.


I'm just going to pass out after this exam.

But seriously, I knew there would be math, but not this much math...

Have a good day y'all

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