Cynthia: A Rant

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So, welcome to the jungle...of my mind. It gets worse here every day. LOL maybe, maybe not. Anyways, as always I'm on 0 sleep (as in, I don't think I went to bed until around 3-3:30 am this morning and I woke up at 6:30 am to do signals so yay) so I figured that now would be the perfect time to step up on my soapbox and give y'all a spiel. Because that's what I do best, right? I preach like a certain Bill that we all know (I swear that man's calling in life was not to be computer engineering professor, rather to preach the bible because the way he speaks sometimes...he reminds me of one of those really hype televangelists). 

I may or may not have been prompted to include the pokemon parts of this rant...and well, the rest comes with the territory because there are certain aspects of pokemon that I think make great examples for life. So without further ado:

Let's talk about why Cynthia is a freaking amazing champion, and compare her to the (in my opinion) less noteworthy champion of X and Y, Diantha. We might also give Blue and Red a quick mention in here too. 

I mean, really, just to kind of talk briefly about champions here -- I think every champion BUT Diantha is noteworthy. She was very unmemorable to me. Like even Leon, who was also kind of a pushover in the games, was memorable to me. But it was the way that he was presented that was really cool -- with his cape and his attitude towards the league and his brother. I felt almost kinda bad when I crushed him, because him and Hop were such sweethearts. 

Diantha? I had no remorse. It was just kinda like 'who dis random chick' and then oh, you're done. Like she felt of no relevance to me. And at first, I decided to blame that on the lack of appearances that she had in the game. Maybe she just didn't show her face around enough? Who knows? 

Well, for the purposes of this rant, I actually looked it up. If you played diamond and pearl Cynthia only had one more appearance than Diantha. To be fair to what I'm about to say next, if you played platinum she appeared a lot more and had a lot more to say in the distortion world, but still. If you played DP then she only appeared a little more than Diantha.  Yet, Cynthia has made constant reappearances and remains one of the favorite champions to this date. 

And so I come to my point: Cynthia is cooler, hotter, and way more difficult to beat than Diantha. 

Yeah, no shame there. Cynthia looks like a literal beast with the black and the long, blonde hair. She LOOKS important and I remember playing the games as a kid wishing I had that level amazing looks. It's the black dress and the things in the hair that do it for me, like she literally walks around looking like an upscale version of Marnie. But Diantha, like I think her outfit could look pretty cool with some changes, but that hairstyle, eye design, heck, even her face is just blergh. I'm not a fan of the short hair -- it just doesn't show off the same level of grace that long hair would with that white outfit. There are certain times where short hair fits nothing better, but not on this champion. 

And cooler? Alright, so being a champion is just like a secondary job to Diantha. It's pretty cool and stuff that she's famous in the games but she literally just kinda is like 'meh, maybe we'll battle later if you're good enough' and then leaves. She gives 0 shits about the championship which honestly might be why she's such a pushover. That's of course, not to mention that she doesn't even bother asking you your name, she just goes off of what Lysander, the bad guy thinks. Like for real guys, the bad guy takes more interest in who you are which is like really?

Cynthia though, asks you your name, helps you, talks about the fact that SHE TOO went on a journey, and is interested in the lore of le Pokemon just like you are. And honestly, that's pretty cool. I always thought it made her down to earth and seem like kind of a leader. That's just if we look at diamond and pearl. The fact that she followed you and Cyrus into the distortion world was pretty amazing. Like it shows her dedication to helping people rather than Diantha's 'meh, I may battle you later'. Where in the world was she when Lysander was going crazy, huh? Especially since they were friends. Honestly, it probably would've been interesting to see some hints of betrayal out of her. 

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