One and a half eyed

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Hello, hello.

This is my new random book lol. I filled the last one, so I have to do this.

But yes, you guys are probably wondering what the strange chapter title is.

Do not fret! It is time for me to tell a story of a very, very intense day.

So yesterday I lost vision in my left eye. Not completely, no, but everything was blurry. And when I looked I could see clearly in my right eye.

It happened because I accidentally scratched my cornea while I was asleep.

But I spent the morning thinking that the vision in my left eye was going to be damaged permanently. It was terrifying.

The entire day, pretty much, I had double vision. I was seeing stoplights that were literally encompassed in giant circles because the light was so strong.

It was so bad in fact that I had to drive with one eye closed, because my vision was so split. And like, I had to have someone on the phone with me because I was going nuts.

It was bad.

Most of the day I either kept my left eye closed, or when that caused me to get sleepy, I put up with the literal shining effect that the world seemed to have.

With both eyes open it was like looking at the world normally, but everything was just off a little. There was some clarity, but there seemed to be a haze over the clarity like almost out of a music video.

Luckily I regained my sight later in the afternoon, but it was still pretty terrifying.

Have a nice day y'all


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