I'm back

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So, I realized hiatus was a bit silly (like analyzing a circuit in the opposite direction of the passive sign convention) after a few days.

Don't worry, none of you have done anything wrong. It was actually because of my own fears that I left. Well, that, and I had a necessity to delete discord so I wouldn't be available for a bit.

It's all because I broke up with Bennett.

If any of you want to know the reasons, I'll be happy to oblige you privately. However, I was scared that I would be judged harshly by the community since they seemed to like him a lot.

I'm at a more relative state of peace (and by that I mean, my emotional turmoil is limited to circuits homework, Pye's class, and exams) so I'll be alright for now. At least I'm back in my building now...

Anyways, I apologize if I stressed any of you out.

Thanks, of course, for reading this


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