The rush saga, ending

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Hey guys! I know this is a few days late (more like a week), but I felt like it would be best to talk about preference round and bid day all in one, which is a lot, lol.

Because, well, it was all one giant party lmao. Well, kind of.

Anyways, as y'all know, I went pi phi (that's the shortened way that we call ourselves). So like, it's happy stuff now, aka the rainbow after the rain.

To start, preference round is about them telling you why you should be in their sorority. You are at the point where you're going to get a bid, and they assume you have other parties, so they want to convince you to stay with them.

So like, it's the ego booster round. I dressed super nice for it too.

 I dressed super nice for it too

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Which of course, I'm all for. Rush is exhausting and being told at the end that you finally have somewhere that you BELONG is such a relief. Especially since you're being "sorted" based on your beliefs through it all.

For me, since pi phi was the only one whose preference round I was asked to, they were my option, so I feel like my feelings towards the ceremony were a bit different. Because I knew this was my sorority.

Anyways, for preference round we were in our same area, except this time the girls were dressed in white. Everyone looked actually angelic and super amazing, because they were all singing this very soft song compared to the loud dancing and clapping from the previous rounds.

It was at this point that one of the girls from the previous rounds scooped me up and gave me a flower. She told me that the flower represented the qualities that pi beta phi saw in me and how I would fit in with them as a sorority.

They gave me a red crystanthenum which represents passion, heart, and heat. Mostly because I talked a lot about what I loved between the rounds so I could totally see it.

Anyways, they sat us down and went through this whole thing where all the girls had a bunch of different flowers and they explained what each one meant. And then, they called upon us to put our flowers in a vase and they arranged them to look beautiful. It was at this point they said "each of these flowers is beautiful on their own, but as an arrangement they come together to be something more".

It was amazing.

After that I talked to the other girls and just took my time to have a really, really good time. That time just felt special and genuine and really like a treat.

So, of course, after that I went to sign my MRABA, which basically says that if I get a bid I have to accept it or else I can't accept a bid for the rest of the year. It's like an obligatory agreement that allows you to finish the rush process.

And then I was done. I was waiting for bid day, which was gonna happen the next day at 5 pm.

So 5 pm rolls around right and it's pouring and hailing. I walk to our colosseum and feel like one of those nuts from TV who goes out and survives in the wild and stuff...

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