Professor Blue

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You know guys, it's been a long semester. I went through a lot and some of y'all know how much that is.

But I cannot believe what I'm feeling right now.

It's literally like a new hope that's just like encasing me and making me feel like I'm soaring. I feel amazing, all because I decided that I want to be a professor.

I want to get my PhD in electrical engineering and teach circuits for a living. I genuinely want to make sure that no person ever came the ECE department and said "gee I hate this stuff it's too hard to do". Because you know what? I believe with enough time, effort, and love you can teach circuits to anyone.

I want to make people feel passionate, and for electrical engineering to be passed down generation to generation.

I want to be the next Daniel Cutshall. The next of Harrell's TAs who has been doing this for so long and has so much passion for the department that he gets hired elsewhere to teach.

I want to make YouTube videos like professor Leonard does for math, so people can see and ask questions.

I want to teach.

And you know, it's odd. I'm so scared of everything else, but right now I don't care. Because I love having 30 faces staring up at me, looking at what I'm doing and saying "wow, I get it". I want to inspire love and an honor code for this wonderful subject.

It feels so, so good to get this out of my head.

This semester has literally changed my life. Like I never knew what it was like to mentor and make sure that others are taken care of so hard that you're up till 3 am with them. I never knew what it was like to be so proud of someone that you start crying. I never knew what it was like to genuinely desire to just give out card after card after card, and gift after gift after gift.

I want to teach, and I want to be good to people, and I want to be an electrical engineer.

I'm so, so proud of my students. Drew, Bruce, and Tori all made an A effort in their classes. Only one of the 3 got an A, but they went in with pride and tried their best to love the subject and killed it.

After his exam Drew literally came up to me with his test and went problem by problem and explained each and every one to me. And then he went, and problem by problem he wrote out the methodology for each, so there'd be less legwork in the coming semesters.

And I'm proud of him. Not only for doing his best, but for wanting to help me pass down electrical engineering and mentor others like I have mentored him over the last semester.

To all of you here, I'm hours away from my circuits 2 final. It's at 8:00 am EST and I'm nervous. But I'm going to do my best. And I'm going to keep going in electrical engineering, and I'm going to do it so I can become a professor.

Professor Blue.

Don't you like the sound of that too?

Hehe tell me what y'all think.


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