Yes I Went To The Dark Side

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May 2004
Narrator's POV

It is the day of the Junior Prom at Davenport High and of course Colby's date is Rebecca. They had been blissfully happy since the Sweetheart Dance in February when they finally admitted that they were in love with one another.
Rebecca is the hair dressers chair getting her hair ready. She is reading while the hair dresser curls her long hair.
"Miss. Quin your hair is so beautiful," said the hair dresser named Selena.
" Thanks Selena, " said Rebecca looking in the the mirror as Alana walked in.
"Hi Bex," said Alana as she sat down.
"Hi Alana. How are you and Joe doing?" she asked.
"Good," smiled Alana " Everything that happened worked out in the long run. "
Rebecca nodded "Sure did. By the way how is Leila's physical therapy going?"
"Good. So is Mrs. Anoa'i's she is actually walking a few feet by herself, " said Alana.
"That's fantastic," said Rebecca "Tell Alana I will see her on Sunday."
"I will do that," said Alana.

Rebecca's POV

Selena was done with my hair and Britney was going to do my makeup when Ashley walks in with Renee.
"Well well look what the cat dragged in," said Renee.
"Cool it Renee," said Ashley rolling her eyes "Bex is actually cool maybe you should get to know her. I'm glad I did."
Ashley came over to me and gave me a hug.
"Ewww you went to the dark side Ash?" said Renee.
"If being friends with a nice person then yes I went to the dark side," said Ashley smiling at me "Are we meeting at your house or Colby's?"
" Mine I have the bigger patio for pictures, " I said.
"Who is coming?" asked Ashley .
"Well you,Claudio, Alana, Joe, Fergal and Nigel and of course Colby and I," I said.
Ashley rolled her eyes "I figured you and Colby," she laughed "By the way the hair is cute!!!"
" Thanks Ashley, " I said.

Narrator's POV

Yes that was another thing that had changed since February. Claudio and Ashley actually took the time to get to know Rebecca and had actually had become friends with her.
Ashley sat down in a chair next to Alana as Renee sat and watched the three girls gossiping and laughing.
She rolled her eyes and knew she had to some how knock Rebecca down a few pegs. Rebecca had to remember where her place was on the higher archery.She was a dweeb even if she was in a serious relationship with a football player.
She knew she had to call her two best friends who would help her show Rebecca who was queen.But she had to do that once she got home since her parents wouldn't get her a cellphone.

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