I Have Mixed Emotions

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca's Mom let her and Dori Elizabeth sleep in the next morning. She did however leave a note before the rest of the family went to church. Rebecca found it on her bed side table.
My sweet Rebecca,
I hope you're having a better day today. Gary and I are going to be driving Richard back to college after church so Liz may stay the entire day that way you won't be alone. We left money on the counter so you can order pizza for dinner or lunch. We will see you tomorrow morning. If Liz needs to stay an extra day she is more than welcome.
Love your Ma.
Rebecca put the note down and cried silently. It wasn't until she felt the bed sink in next to her she lifted her face to see Dori Elizabeth sitting next to her her arm wrapped around her shoulders.
"Come here," said Dori Elizabeth.
Rebecca leans against Dori Elizabeth and cried.
"Oh Liz I don't know what to think. I have mixed emotions," said Rebecca sniffling.
As the girls are sitting there in the silence of the bedroom minus the sniffles from Rebecca and the occasional whimper of a sleeping Hershey the phone rings startling both girls.
It continues to ring until Rebecca's answering machine picks up.
"Rebecca?! It's Colby. I know you're there. You and Liz are probably staring at the answering machine as I am speaking.Please pick up. I need my best friend. I just got a call from Claudio's brother he and Ashley were in that twenty car pile up on the interstate. Both are hurt and hurt badly. Ashley is going to be okay but Claudio he's in the ICU and they don't know," said Colby his voice breaking with emotion "Please. I need you Rebecca. Please pick up."
Rebecca didn't hesitate she picked up.
" Oh thank you Rebecca. Please I need you, " he said sobbing.
"I'll be right over," she said.
"Thank you," said Colby.
"You're welcome," she said as they hung up.

Rebecca's POV

Dori Elizabeth stared at me as I hung up.
"I thought you told him you didn't think you two could be friends anymore," she said looking up at me as I stood.
"He needs me Liz," I said "Claudio is hurt. I would never forgive myself if I wasn't by Colby's side during this. He and Claudio have known each other since they were in diapers."
I quickly found a Ramons tshirt and a pair of jeans. I changed and slid on my sneakers. I grabbed my coat and was out my bedroom door before Dori Elizabeth had time to even comprehend what had just happened.
I was at Colby's front door before Dori Elizabeth had even finished dressing more than likely. I knocked and Brandon answered.
"He's in the family room," he said.
I walked to the family room and saw Colby curled up on the couch hugging a pillow.
"Colby?" I said .
He looks up and he saw me. He jumped up and threw his arms around me and burst into tears.
"Oh Rebecca it's awful," he said soaking my shirt.
"I know," I said patting his back "Come on let's sit," I ushered him to the couch as we sat I wrapped my arms around him and he collapsed into my arms crying "What happened?" I ask as he sniffles .
"Well," said Colby sitting up " Claudio and Ashley were heading to the Backstreet Boys concert and well the accident had happened maybe five car lengths ahead of them. Claudio tried to stop but it was to late he rammed into the back of a car which caused him to tail spin and then they were t boned on Claudio's side and then to top it off they were hit head on, " he looks at me with swollen eyes since he had been crying so much "Bex I can't loose both of you."
I looked at him and my eyes that had been filled with tears suddenly no longer were as the tears were flowing down my face.
"Oh Colby you didn't loose me and you're not going to loose Claudio," I said .
Colby met my eyes "But you said last," I stopped him by putting a finger on his lips.
"Don't worry about what I said last night. What I said last night was in the heat of the moment. Colby you made me not know my up from my down when you kissed me," I said looking at him dead in the eyes "You freaked me the fuck out Lopez. I wasn't expecting a kiss especially not one from you!"
Colby smiled slightly "You called me Lopez," he said the smile slowly spreading across his face.
" Yeah I know you prefer that to Colby although I don't know why? "I said.
" Long story, " said Colby "Bex will you go with me to the hospital? I want to visit Claudio and Ashley."
"Colby I really don't think that's a good idea. The two of them can't stand me," I said.
"Rebecca. Please for me. Won't you come?" he looks at me with puppy dog eyes.
" Ok let me go grab my purse and tell Liz what's going on, " I said.
Colby smiled and kisses my cheek "Thank you Bex."
" You're welcome Colby, " I said kissing his cheek.

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