I Know You And I Know How Big Your Heart Is

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca opened the door to Colby's house to get her purse and tell Dori Elizabeth what was going on only to find Dori Elizabeth sitting on the steps with both Rebecca's purse and hers.
"Liz! What are you doing here?" asked Rebecca.
"Because Bex.We have been best friends since we were eight. I know you and I know how big your heart is. I know Colby needs you and I know he'd want to go to the hospital and he'd want you there. So here," said Dori Elizabeth handing Rebecca her purse.
"But you have your purse too," said Rebecca .
"Very good Bex. I figured Colby could use all the support he can get," said Dori Elizabeth.
Rebecca smiled down at her friend "Thanks Liz," she said "Colby will definitely appreciate this. Let's go back in Mrs. Lopez is driving us-"
Dori Elizabeth nodded and stood.
"-I just have to go write my parents a note and lock up," said Rebecca "Could you go in and tell Colby I will be right back over?"
Dori Elizabeth nodded "Of course," she said.

Colby's POV

Brandon lead Dori Elizabeth into the living room.
"Bex had to go write a note to her parents and lock up. She'll be right back over," said Dori Elizabeth.
"Okay," I said as she sat in the arm chair next to the sofa.
We sat there in awkward silence neither one knowing what to sat to the other. Dori Elizabeth aren't close. We are friendly to one another but we have never really talked. The only thing we have in common is Rebecca.
"Liz?" I said .
"Yes," she said looking at me .
"Why do you have your purse?" I ask .
"I figured you could use as much support as you could get," she said with a smile.
"Thank you Liz," I said.
"Hey no problem," she said as Rebecca entered the living room.
"Hi," she said with a smile.
"Mom!" I said.
"Are you ready to go Colby?" she asked sticking her head into the living room.
I nodded.
"Oh Rebecca is coming with us?" she asked .
"Yes Mrs. Lopez," said Rebecca " And so is my friend Dori Elizabeth. "
"Well Colby can use all the support. Thank you Dori Elizabeth," said my Mom.
"Please Mrs. Lopez call me Liz," said Dori Elizabeth.
"Oh okay," she said.
We left the house and Mom drove to the hospital.

Narrator's POV

Holly parked the car in the hospital's parking ramp. Rebecca took Colby's hand as the rode up the elevator to the bridge into the hospital. Colby looks down at their intertwined fingers and his heart lifted and he felt a warm feeling from his toes to the top of his head. Dori Elizabeth couldn't help but smile as did Holly. They all got their visitors passes and headed first to Ashley's room.

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