I Love Her Mom And I Think I Lost Her

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Narrator's POV

Later that afternoon Rebecca is helping her Mom bake cookies for Gary's birthday party later this evening. This was something her and her Mom has done since she was little for birthdays. It wasn't cakes that the family got but their favorite cookie. Gary's happened to be Annette's chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies (they were a favorite of Rebecca's as well).
"Ma," said Rebecca as she made a new batch of dough since they were making several different types of cookies she was working on chocolate chip cookies.
"Yes Rebecca," said Annette.
"I don't think Colby is too happy that Joe is my date for tonight," said Rebecca.
"Why would you say that dear?" asked Annette.
Rebecca shrugged "It's just a feeling. I guess. He seemed off this morning when we had coffee out on the deck," she said with a slight frown.
"Oh my Rebecca," said Annette lifting her daughter's chin "You and Colby have been best friends for so long he might just be worried you're moving to fast with Joe. "

Rebecca's POV

"Ma," I said rolling my eyes " It's just Joe's and my second date it isn't like we are announcing our engagement. Why would Colby be worried I was moving to fast with Joe. I mean he literally just moved here. He had to leave his brothers and friends behind because his Dad got transferred here. Aside from me,Ferg,Liz and Colby he really doesn't know anyone else here. Tonight I figured would be a nice way to introduce him to some other people. Aren't you the one who is always telling me to be kind? "
"Yes dear," said me Ma wiping her hands on her apron "And well I think that is an excellent idea to introduce him to people. Why don't you call him and tell him his entire family is invited,"said me Ma.
"But Ma that's three more! Can we do it?" I ask .
"Of course we can," said me Ma " Now go shoo. Go call Joe and invite the rest of the Anoa'i family to Gary's party.
Me Ma untied my apron and pushed me out of the kitchen.
"Ma!" I said.
"Rebecca shoo," she said.

Colby's POV

I sat down at the kitchen table with a sandwich and bottle of diet coke. My brother Brandon is sitting at the table too.
"Colby why the long face?" he asked as he looked up from his laptop.
"Nothing Bran," I said shaking my head.
" Colby Daniel, " he said.
"Not the middle name," I said rolling my eyes.
" Yes the middle name, " he said looking at me "Now tell me why the long face?"
" It's Rebecca, " I said flatly.
"What about her? Is she sick?!" he asked with genuine concern stitched in his voice.
"No nothing like that," I said looking down " She might have ummm ahhh. "
"She didn't get in trouble did she? Are you the reason she is trouble?"
" What?! Oh oh God no, " I said shaking my head "Nothing like that. I think she might have gotten a boyfriend."
"And how is...." Brandon trailed off as he saw my face fall "Oooooh.The reason that's a bad thing is because it isn't you. Right? "
I nodded and wiped away tears.
"Oh Colbs," said Brandon looking at me " I know it's hard to watch the person you love maybe find someone. Trust me I get it. Ask our cousin how that feels. Lizzie will tell you point blank it feels like your heart is torn from your chest and then someone goes and stomps on it repeatedly while wearing spikey heels. "
"What does that even mean?" I ask .
Brandon shrugged "Don't know but that's what Lizzie told me when Brandi started dating Jack. Hell man it still hurts to see them together. It's like a dagger threw the heart every time I see them acting all cute. Trust me when I say this it makes me want to hurl."
I laughed "Thanks Bran. Now I am even more confused than I was before," I said hitting my head against the table.
"Colby stop" said my Mom grabbing my head.
" Mom he's sweet on Rebecca and she may have found herself a boyfriend, " said Brandon.
"Thanks a lot Bro," I said .
"Just doing my big brother duty of ratting out my little brother. Now that my work here is done. I think I will go pick up Lizzie for the party since I sorta did promise her I'd give a ride," he said as he packed up and left.
"So what's this about liking Rebecca?" asked my Mom sitting down across from me.
"Mom please," I said covering my face.
"Colby Daniel!" she said pulling my hands down to reveal the tears freely flowing from. my eyes.
"Oh Baby," she said wiping my tears.
" I love her Mom and I think I lost her, " I said.
"Oh Colby sweetheart," said my Mom .
I looked up at her "It hurts Mom. I just wish I had the guts to tell her how I felt before Joe swooped in," I said laying my head on the table.
Mom strokes my hair something she did since I was baby when I was upset "Everything will work itself out.Whatever will be will be," she said.
"Mom don't start singing Que Sera Sera!" I said.
Mom started laughing "I wouldn't dream of it dear," she said smiling.
"Right," I said rolling my eyes.
Mom stood and kissed me on the top of my head "The futures not ours to see."
" Mom!!! " I said laughing in spite of myself.
"Ha got you to laugh," she said smiling.
"You did Mom and thank you," I said.
"You're welcome sweetie. Now go get dressed we are supposed to be at the banquet hall by four and it's halfway across town," said Mom. I
"Okay," I said standing and kissing her cheek "Thanks Mom."
" You're welcome Colby, " she said patting my cheek.

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